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  • adam tarasievich

    I agree i love jeff’s heel turn i have always wanted him to turn heel. But the hole immortals group is kinda lame i mean i know every group needs a monster but what the hell has abyss done to be a “immortal” plus thats a lame name for a group as well. I also think they coulda done a better job with making a new title for him i mean i know jeff loves purple but thats a lil to purple and did they have to put his face on the belt pretty much. I mean give it a black strap and maybe it would of looked better.

  • Julius

    Personal i think jeff hardy’s heel turn is awesome. We all know in real life jeff hardy is a down to earth person. That belt fits jeff hardys gimmick he is a legend in this business.

  • adam tarasievich

    no but its still called the spinner belt because that is what it was when they maid it. I personaly think cena’s version of the US title was pretty cool they shoulda kept that one and not kept the wwe title.

  • Adam


    I’ve talked about it, and I’m not watching TNA. Haven’t been watching since the live Impact.

  • Rod!!!!!!!!!

    who cares what the belt looks like everyone talking about it is still going to watch TNA and for WWE if you have not notice the belt dont spin anymore

  • Buttercastle

    Crack made Jeff Hardy a weird man.

  • Taylor

    Well personally for awhile i thought the TNA heavyweight belt needed a new look. but i agree this belt is good for jeff but i think it would look alot nicer with a black strap but once he loses it i hope they come out with a new heavyweight belt cuz the original one just doesnt really strike me as world heavyweight championship style

  • me

    diva butterfly belt

  • adam tarasievich

    The more i look at it the more i think they most likely will just keep it for jeff. Because on the side it says enigmatic champion although the spinner belt use to say stuff just for cena so who knows.If they do keep this as a title for other people it will be horrible i think this is step lets say 5 in the descruction of TNA. First was when they decided to move to monday nights and said they moved back to thursday for the fans just admit it u moved back cause you were gettin your butt’s kicked. Second was hiring bichoff and hogan and flair that was horrible and its just really bad right now watching them try to relive there youth. Third was getting rid of the x-division i mean they still have the title but dont really focus on it anymore and thats what got them popular. Fourth getting rid of the 6 sided ring cause HOGAN didnt like it that ring much like the x-divison is what maid them different and special. Fifth the past 2 champions RVD who won the title after only having 2 matches in the company i mean i love rvd but that was way to soon. Then jeff hardy who he is good but he shouldnt be world champion you never know he could end up in jail one day or laying passed out in a guitar somewere.

  • gargoylerich

    First, I doubt that it will be passed on a’la the spinner belt, since it is so obviously made specifically for Hardy. (Then again this is TNA we’re talking about sooooo…) Secondly, it looks like the Diva’s belt went to Mardi Gras…and got thrown up on.
    Just sayin’

  • Jur


  • Adam

    So Jeff Hardy is the TNA Diva’s Champion?

  • Treg

    What a disgusting looking belt…

  • jjthorne

    it is just the worst looking belt ever, if I was any TNA wrestler and i won that championship and received that belt I would take a sledged hammer to it.

  • nnla

    Why would changing the way a title looks for someone make it less prestigious? Doesn’t being world champ mean you get pretty much anything you want? If a world champ is given the title then he should have the choice to “have his own made” or go back to the original. But yes I wish they would get rid of the spinner belt because Cena’s character has nothing to do with the Thuggish gimmick anymore.

  • gert

    this looks like a womans title

  • adam tarasievich

    wow i never thought i would say it but there is a title belt uglier then cena’s spinner. I do agree though with Mark how it will be ok if it is just for jeff i mean it is a ugly belt but it fits his gimmik. But i have a feeling that its gonna do the cena thing and keep it for everyone which in that case it kinda kills it. I also think that immortals is a dumb name for that group but thats neither here nor there.

  • Voltage101

    No No No! Why do this?? It makes the championship look less larger than life and less prestigious.

  • Mark

    This belt is actually kind of cool. I would have use a black strap instead of the purple one, but it is not bad. TNA is doing what the WWF had been doing during the Attitude Era like when Stone Cold had his Smoking Skull belt, or like John Cena’s spinner belt. I just hope that when the title changes hands, that they change belts. It makes no sense for anyone else to have that belt like the WWE title makes no sense for anyone but Cena to be wearing a spinner belt. I know that it is to be more marketable to a younger demographic, but it looks pretty ridiculous for Sheamus or Big Show or Even Jeff Hardy to be wearing that belt. If it is part of “your” particular gimmick, by the way Cena’s thugged out gimmick is past being over, then yeah wear it. But if you are some one like Sting, or Kevin Nash, or AJ Styles, or Samoa Joe , or Kurt Angel, wearing Jeff Hrdy’s customized title belt would look rididculous. On Jeff it makes sense on anyone else that does not have his gimmick, not so much.