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HTM Insists Someone Is Jumping Ship, Hogan Backs Off Hart-WrestleMania Claims

– After the reports that Jimmy Hart was leaving TNA to return for Axxess and WrestleMania 27, The Honky Tonk Man is still claiming that another TNA employee is leaving for WWE. Honky later wrote more about Hulk Hogan:

“HTM has been told Hogan will bolt to WWE if asked. Sources within TNA have said Hogan will leave EB behind like a rat. Hogan is on his way out of TNA. Dixie has had to advance Flair money to pay his debts. Strange things are happening at TNA! Hogan’s TNA contract is results and incentive based Either party can walk anytime. HTM said it first Hogan is on the way out.”

Regarding Jimmy Hart, he is not expected to be Jerry Lawler’s manager for his match with Michael Cole at WrestleMania 27. Hogan backed off his claims on Twitter that Hart would be in Lawler’s corner, saying it was “just a guess” and that he hadn’t talked to Hart in over a month.


    WWE doesnt need Hogan he can keep stinking it up in TNA!

  • Jushin Liger

    @ Nicholas:
    Apparently you haven’t been doing your homework b4 running your mouth.Hulk came back and the ratings have been up.You sound like another WWE mark to me.I would bet money if he did bail and show up at Mania you would mark out big time.You’d probably be on here that night praising him and toasting to another nail in TNA’s coffin!!

  • theviewtvshow

    its not not trash. everything HTM has said bout hogan lately is true, are you crazy?

  • CM Mark

    Flair had made a LOT bigger impact in TNA that Hogan. I can’t imagine it would hurt TNA in the least for Hogan to leave.

  • Red Rooster

    Wouldn’t surprise me. Hogan would sell his mother for a dollar. His wife needs needs her alimony and Vince has deep pockets, so… The only question is, what the hell would they do with Hogan? My guess is the guy can barely walk. WWE would probably make him job to the Miz.

  • Nicholas

    @NickJ the only place he would get a big pop is Canada just like he did at WM 18. But anywhere else he wouldn’t. If he did get the biggest pop in wrestling how come nobody has watch TNA since he got there. I mean you would think with a name like Hogan it would boost up the rating but it has not work and it never were.

  • NickJ

    Yet Hogan can still get the biggest “pop” of the night whenever he does go back to WWE.

  • venom

    It’s funny to hear an old wash up talk trash about another old wash up.

  • Stan

    actually tna can’t get rid of hogan he’s signed for two years and it was spike tv who wanted him in the first place……….. see the network are the greatest heels in wrestling!

  • adam

    I cant see hogan going over to wwe. I mean he could do it he could jump over and screw tna but wwe has no use for them. They have there big name money draws from the old school right now in rock and austin. The one name i wouldnt be shocked if he jumped would be bichoff being mistery gm. As much as i dislike him he was at his best when he was gm of raw. Now just being flair and hogans lacky isnt good for him.

  • Gary

    Like the “rumor” states TNA could cut ties if wanted. So IF TNA didnt want him they would let him go, but i rly dont see him going to WWE, BUT it wouldnt suprise me, Vince does weird Shyt

  • cheesehandler

    you guys better settle down with that hogan bashin…you’re gonna get tomc in here and hes gonna be mad…hahahahahaaa

  • Nicholas

    Vince has no need for Hulk Hogan anymore he is sick and tired of Hogan the backstabber. Vince already did what he had to do to close the door on Hogan. When he put Hogan in the Hall of Fame that was it to me the end of an era. It told me as a Hulk Hogan fan that Vince and the WWE gave Hogan the closer.

    Now Hulk Hogan may bad month the WWE on website go on TV saying how bad the WWE treated him. But his fan don’t really care what Hulk Hogan does anymore because we feel Hulk Hogan ego like I said many times has been his biggest down fall. It is what is killing TNA. If I was TNA I would wish Hogan would leave TNA yeah he is going to bad month you on the way out but nobody is paying attention to what he has to say anymore. Hulk Hogan is just now some wash up old crazy man with nothing else to do.

  • V-R-A


    I agree that Hogan would jump ship the first chance he got. I mean hell, if anything HTM is saying has any truth behind it. I would not be one bit suprised if Hogan appeared at WM. What a return it would be right? And definatly it would hurt and help TNA. Hurt them that they are loosing a big name that isn’t really that “big” but still draws people in, help in the idea of having more money for other talent but that other talent might not be the best for TNA.

  • Ronald

    I wonder if Hogan has a 90-day ‘no compete’ clause in his contract. Something tells me he doesn’t. Can you imagine how shocking it would be if Hogan were in the middle of a major storyline in TNA, got pissed (ala his time in WCW), decided to call up Vince and ask if he could show up on Raw (perhaps the night after a TNA PPV) and Vince says, “Sure, why not?”. I’ll tell you my opinion, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Hogan is just that low and would do it in a heartbeat. My only question is whether Vince would do it or not. I think if he thought it would hurt TNA, rather than help them, he’d do it. But just imagine how many people might tune into iMPACT just to see what TNA had to say (I know I used to do that during the MNWs when one wrestler would jump ship). I’ll take anything HTM says with a grain of salt, but Hogan jumping ship wouldn’t exactly be “the most talked about surprise ever in the history of mankind!!!!” (Sorry, I’m quoting Dixie there). 😉