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Huge Announcement At Elimination Chamber, Chris Jericho Making Summer Plans

— The official Twitter feed for Raw Interim General Manager and WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis says he will making a huge announcement tomorrow night at Elimination Chamber.

The statement reads, “FYI: I plan to make a HUGE announcement at Elimination #Chamber tomorrow. It might stop the show, and will certainly be a Game changer.”

— The official Twitter feed of Chris Jericho’s heavy metal band Fozzy stated Friday, “Just got confirmation for some HUGE gigs this summer!!!! Stay tuned friends..”

— Tickets are still available via for tomorrow night’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  • keylo

    Just a dream, but be nice for him to say, well Vince has swallowed his pride and Macho Man will finally get shown the god damn respect he deserves and will go into this years HOF.

  • JIR

    Alright wild guesses:
    1.) Forcing Triple H to face Undertaker at WM
    2.) Shaq annoucement for WM
    3.) Change up in Chamber match
    4.) He will be the permanent Gm of both shows
    5.) John Laurinitis is actually the hand Mae Young birthed all grown up

  • Nick

    is he coming out of the closet?

  • donners

    i expect him to change the lineup for one of the chamber matches

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    ^ Yeah you will. Just like everyone else who says they’ll NEVER watch WWE again when someone they like loses or whatever lame ass reason. They continue to watch so they have a reason to continue to bitch.

  • Soulshroude

    The way he capitalized “Game”, could have something to do with HHH.

  • christina

    If the announcement is that he is the permanent GM of Raw, I will NEVER watch Raw again!!!!!!

  • stevenash

    It might just stop the show? Showstopper.. hbk.. its definately hbk as ref for the newly announced hhh v taker match that he will announce as gm of raw

  • adam

    Hopefully its not that he is permenant gm but going by what otunga said the other week it might be he is trying to take over smackdown. I doubt there will be an announcment with anything to do with triple h and taker when the match isnt even official yet. As for shaq thats not exactly huge news that a retired player is going to be there for wrestlmania.

  • shawn

    oh please, barely any fueds going on before the p.p.v. because of the required number of contestants makes for forgetable t.v. in my eyes. they want us to order it based on our inquiry of the announcement. ill wait for W.M.

  • Lord Barvis

    He should announce another match since there’s only 4 and the Divas one is gonna last, let’s be honest, about 5 minutes if we’re lucky.

  • Prince

    As far as Jericho, he could easily play gigs with Fozzy and just show up on Mondays for Raw, and at PPVs. Wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I don’t see him sticking around long-term though.

  • Prince

    Seeing as Taker/HHH isn’t an official match, no that will not be the announcement. Shaq being announced for Mania is definitely possible though.

  • Buzzer

    Aaron has it right ^^

    “stop the show” = show stopper. “Game” changer = the Game, HHH. HBK to be special ref.

  • Aaron

    HBK will be the ref for Taker/HHH. That is the announcement. Notice the capitalized “G” in game. Obviously referring to Triple H.

  • Mark

    guess confirms Jericho leaving after mania

  • Titan

    Shaq @Wrestlemania!!

  • Whatever

    please, I really hope that it doesn’t include that he is now the permanent gm or something…