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Huge Name Confirmed for Tonight’s WWE SmackDown Tapings

Edge is scheduled for tonight’s Smackdown in vignettes involving the Daniel Bryan and Kane “anger management” storyline according to a new report by PWInsider.

Edge’s appearance is to promote the new season of Syfy’s Haven. He will be regularly appearing on the series this season.

  • sam mccourt

    i understand, what i meant was if you are saying “I wish i bought tickets” just because of a backstage segment then that’s a little silly

  • mtlhitman

    Going to see a wwe live show and see on tv is so different u can’t feel the energy and the fun factor it give u is worth to buy a ticket real fan would understand it !

  • sam mccourt

    you should have bought tickets to see something that you’ll see on tv in a few nights

  • johnny depp

    after he gone out only we know the value of edge…
    so missing u

  • Jeremy

    god i miss edge!

  • Tony A.

    Darn… I should’ve brought tickets..

  • d

    Totally reaks of awesomeness