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Hulk Hogan Advertised For WWE Event, Randy Orton Lands WWE Mag Cover

— An Austrian radio station advertised tickets going on sale for a SmackDown live event taking place in November in Vienna. The hosts interviewed Carsten Schaefer, the longtime announcer for WWE telecasts in Germany. The hosts mostly discussed Hulk Hogan, who Schaefer praised. Then it was announced that Hulk Hogan would be appearing on the show—which is not true.

— Randy Orton is featured on the cover of the June 2011 issue of WWE Magazine, which includes an interview with “The Viper.” Also featured is Edge’s “Final Interview.”

— WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes was unable to make his scheduled appearance at yesterday’s “Legends of the Ring 12” pro wrestling fanfest event due to a death in his family.

— TNA Wrestling co-founder Jerry Jarrett now hosts a radio show on The Zone 104.5F FM in Nashville, Tennessee. It airs every Saturday at 11:00 a.m.

  • Satan

    Shawn before you completely shoot down what i say actually look into it i’m serious man i thought it was bullshit too until i started watching the videos on YouTube

  • shawn

    @Satan pleease. delete that thought from your mind. i like RKO so i give you the stink eye(shimmer).

  • kmfkt

    hey thanks for the advise phoenix!

  • phoenix

    Yeah this site can be shady on the ads but run firefox get adblock and adban and you wont even see the ads anymore. I know the site doesn’t want you to know that and normaly i agree but this sites ads are dangerous lol.

  • kmfkt

    one of your advertisers just gave me a fucking virus…thanks…last time i come here and i have been for years!!

  • venom

    Other countries probably think Hogan is still in WWE because they never heard of TNA or IW.

  • Satan

    I wonder if Randy Orton is a reptilian humanoid trust me people they are real search on YouTube for the shapeshifting Fox reporters this is no propaganda it’s real you better start accepting it.

  • Me

    Here we go,people looking WAY too into this. Just a mix up people.

  • Wowzer

    It was all part of vinces plan… hogan fucks TNA up then jumps back into vinces arms. Well played Vince well played

  • Stevie

    Hogan would jump, cause he’s a douche like that.