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Hulk Hogan Answers Sting Going to WWE & Ted Turner Rumors

Hulk Hogan was asked on Twitter of rumors that Triple H is interested in signing Sting to WWE after his TNA contract expires.

“I don’t blame him, Sting is hotter than he’s ever been and still moves like he’s a teenager, don’t forget I’m Sting’s partner. HH.”

Hogan also dismissed the possibility of Ted Turner investing in TNA to help move Impact.

“I’ve had that thought come into my head about a million times already, good idea, it’s just a different time now. HH”

  • Jon

    Hogan should stick to making porno films. His days as a “wrestler” have long past

  • a man named gillberg

    Hogan isn’t human is he? T.N.A has picked up the ball all you can do is run with it, i would like to see sting have a run in W.W.E, But being part of the icon is. He hasn’t worked for W.W.E. Hogan has is good in G.M role, But i can see a mat morgan showdown coming, I like to watch T.N.A it’s free i the U.K on a sunday night and you get Free P.P.V’S on a wednesday, considering i cant afford a subscription to sky sports to watch RaW or Snackdown, i think i’m lucky to have something to watch

  • Boomski

    Nicholas hit it right. We have been hearing it for years and I don’t hold my breath anymore about it. Even when Sting talks about it I still believe it less than I did last year. And the year before that. And the year before that.

  • ChrisDV

    …Does Hogan realise that he’s not, nor has he ever been, part of a package deal with Sting?

  • RAMSES 2

    hey sting would be 54 by the time wrestlmania 29, i dont want to see that shit!!!

  • Nicholas

    HHH may have better luck in singing Sting then Vince Mac. I just think HHH maybe more easy to talk to then Vince when it comes to the wrestler themself. That is why I always though HHH would do fine in the front office. Vince really is harder to deal with but HHH knows where the wrestlers are coming from. I think if Sting can get a deal like Brock Lasner got he would jump at it. But at the same time not going to hold my breath just been hearing this for years feel it long over due. But we will see. If HHH can do this it will have not only and impact as myself as a fan but to the wrestling as a whole. It will tell everybody that HHH is going to be alright in charge. An we will finally have Sting vs Undertaker at Wrestlmania

  • byron

    I wouldn’t read to much into what Hogan is saying especially after his son has been in trouble with the law and his sex scandal tapes.

  • Razo Power

    *Glory….. B4 some wise one points that out

  • Razo Power

    I want H.H to stay away as much as the next guy, but reality says its Hulk Hogan think about who that is from the glowry days … This guy’s blood is O+wrestling he will go away when his death is near.

  • Eric

    why would ted turner want to invest his money in tna? i wish hogan would go away. his time is over. he should of retired after his match with the rock at wm18 in toronto!