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Hulk Hogan Asks If He Should Come Back As “Hollywood”, MVP Criticizes Impact

— Hulk Hogan posed the following question to his Twitter followers Friday: “Should Hulk Hogan or should Hollywood Hulk Hogan come back and save the wrestling world. HH or HollywoodHH?”

Hogan’s query to return as “Hollywood” garnered an overly negative response as he stated the following hours later: “Ok ok ok guys I get it, the good guy red and yellow, I just thought I would ask,I get it brother.”

— MVP gave a critical review of Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling on Twitter. He wrote: “1st time I tune in to Impact to watch @JEFFHARDYBRAND & I see Bischoff’s son angle is more important than the HVYWT title angle?????Hey, at least that angle had Ric Flair cutting a great promo.”

— Tara’s latest column for Chicago Athlete Magazine is online here. She discusses her unique workout routine.

  • Kingchaos

    Ok guys we know why Hogan and Flair are still at it, I think we are beating a dead horse by every comment being about why Hogan and Flair are washed up. They are simply trying to make money, some boxers do this shit all the time. I think we should show a little respect after all they did pave the way for a lot of people to do things.

  • Nicholas G

    Man how bad is it when a guy like MVP who is not in the WWE tells who how bad TNA looks. All that mean in other word if MVP goes back to any major wrestling federation it is not going to be with TNA which TNA could use a guy like MVP right now. But MVP doesn’t want to be in TNA because he doesn’t want to look like to sorry WWE reject ingrates that say they got buried in the WWE. To me that is so funny how only thing those WWE reject does is buried TNA young talent and Hogan he is the king at burring talent. I mean come on who care if Hogan comes back as Hollywood or not. To me Hogan is the cancer of TNA it is only a matter of time until Hogan kills TNA just like he did WCW.

  • Hogan hater

    Just dont come back at all!

  • CC

    Why on Earth would Hogan want to come back as Hollywood if he is coming back as a face?
    Hollywood is the heel Hogan name, and the only possible time it was used as a face name was when he was having the legal wranglings with Marvel to keep using the Hulk name.
    Also, red and yellow is face, black is heel.
    If he has forgotten this, then he is a bigger twat than I always thought he was.

  • venom


    Nicely said.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Hogan put younger talent over? The guy is a narcissistic, egotistical prick. The only thing going over him is a casket lid and 6ft of earth…

  • E C DUB

    i’m with venom

  • The Irish Bulldog

    ya know hearing Ric Flair speak is like listening to the people in the kitchen i work with talk…I can’t understand them unless i hear a WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo!!!!!

  • D2K

    Hogan cannot change anything as long as he is ruining TNA. He needs to get outta there, come back the WWE where he belongs, sign the 20-year marketing deal Vince had for him, and help put some of the younger talent over. That’s how he could change things.

  • venom

    How about Hogan doesn’t come back at all?

  • KGM Da Master

    Hogan should only wrestle in the WWE. Where they have the hype $ and decent talent to carry his old ass name back to stardom. They did it with Kevin Nash’s crippled leg ass! They can do it with Hogan. The NWO would only be cool if Vince sold the rights to impact wrestling for them to use. WWE has no room for a has been group, they couldnt even get Nexus to be legit. Impact wrestling needs a new leader. Someone like myself lmao, peace.

  • VenomEX

    have hogan come out as composite hogan with one half immortal and the other half hollywood

  • CM Mark

    Somebody please go on twatter and tell ol’ Terry the best thing for him to do is to just not come back at all.

  • MVP

    I respect MVP for not being like all the other wwe rejects and going to TNA where they’ll do nothing but bury him but he went to new japan pro wrestling. unlike the us they respect wrestling!

  • KGM Da Master

    MVP needs to focus on his own brand or retire. He lossed all respect when he got chunkier.