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Hulk Hogan Blames Vince Russo For Impact’s Problems, Jackie Joins Twitter

— The Wrestling Observer reports that Hulk Hogan was overheard saying at last month’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles that Vince Russo is to blame for the quality of Impact Wrestling. Hogan’s remarks were in response to fans telling him that Impact is bad.

Hogan was on hand for the event to promote his new video game, Hulk Hogan’s Main Event.

— Jackie has launched a Twitter account via She confirmed the account on her Facebook page.

— TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Anderson and WWE Hall of Famer Sunny are advertised to appear at K & M All Star Sports at the Crystal Mall 850 Hartford Turnpike Waterford, Connecticut this Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Visit for more information.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Ray

    You’re all a bunch of idiots. TNA never -was- anything special and it was doomed to fail from the very beginning. Any credibility it had went with NWA.

  • E C DUB

    seriously hogan, go fuck yourself

  • venom

    I will say this company is getting a little better now. I see they are pushing Gunner and Crimson. I will say this company can get back on track if they treated Styles and Joe like serious contenders.

  • scooter

    I’ve said it multiple times when Russo’s been in charge in TNA things have been suprisingly good I remember when Jeff Jarrett got suspended and we got AJ/Joe/daniels and Desmond Wolfe/Angle on the same night!

  • Chris E.

    Whoever has been in charge the last couple of weeks needs to stay put. The last few weeks of Impact have been great.

  • Jay Lethals sadistic black injection

    …maybe Dixie needs a good root and persuaded haha. Man i would totally hit that.

  • Jay Lethals sadistic black injection

    I agree with JIR the moment Hogan and Bischoff joined Tna i could see the downfall. I could see it was going to get shit. I mean Tna was once a great wrestling company, now its just a poor mans version of wwe. Its like the old wcw hogan, russo, bischoff, sting, steiner, flair and instead of Ted Turner theyve got dixie carter. Seriously fire all those guys and rebuild the company or else youre definitely going to go the same pasth as wcw.

  • tracy

    this may be true he really messed up wcw

  • JIR

    WOW seriously did anyone not see that coming?

  • CC

    The only problem with Jeff was his insistance of putting the title on himself. Its no surprise though that nobody cared about the World Title back then because the X Division was where all the focus was.
    If they had continued that focus when Dixie took over, they wouldnt be playing the blame game now.

  • Bill

    Not many like him, but Jeff Jarrett did a damn good job at managing TNA. It’s a shame Dixie became the majority stock holder….

  • CC

    Ok, Russo has been responsible for some shit over the years no doubt, but at the end of the day its down to the people running the company to either tell him to up his game or cut him loose.
    Hogan can bad mouth him all he wants, but if he has the power he claims to have and believes he is to blame for the shit product, why isnt he doing something about it?
    Also, if the argument is that Dixie is a Russo supporter, then you have to say that she is the one to blame, not Russo.

    Hell, if you own a burger bar and an employee keeps serving burgers that taste like shit, you dont keep letting them serve burgers.

    All this proves is that TNA management are worse than anything Russo has ever written.

  • ICE

    fire russo hire heyman

  • rko

    Then do something something about it Terry. Write the show if you think you can do a better job.

  • cheesehandler

    for fuck sake….go home hogan….you mean nothing to no one important

  • venom

    Hogan playing the blame game. He doesn’t want to accept failure for himself.

  • V-R-A

    Didn’t Hogan blame Russo for WCW’s problems? I guess history does repeat itself.