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Hulk Hogan Bodyslams Barack Obama, Says ‘I Should Be President’

Hulk Hogan no longer supports Barack Obama.

The WWE Hall of Famer appeared on Fox and Friends on Thursday and explained why he’s no longer a fan of the United States President.

“I was a big Obama supporter and kinda, like, believed everything he said he was gonna do,” said Hogan. “But now that nothing’s happened,” he said he’s had a change of heart.

Hogan also said he was bothered when Obama borrowed his theme song, Real American, to make his entrance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner earlier this year. While the song played, an image of Obamas birth certificate flashed on screens in the room.

“I kinda was a little upset that he didn’t ask me permission to use my music,” Hogan said.”But the change of heart is that I think I should be president. I know nothing about politics. I think a flat tax across the board would straighten everything out.”

Video from Hogan’s appearance can be accessed here.

  • Matt

    What a coincidence, cause Obama would make a better wrestler than Hogan.

  • Petrie

    This man is dellusional, There isn’t enough i could say to explain how much of a idiot this man is. Its 2011 Hogan, You are no longer relevant its not the 80’s.

  • renz

    hahah does hogan own the rights to ‘real american?” if not obama doesnt need permission from hogan!

  • charles spears

    Hogan is stupid to think that Real American is his when Vince McMahon owns the trademark to the song.

  • Gerro

    He bumped his head way to hard brother.

  • Eric Nixon

    I guess he know as much about politics as he does wrestling.

  • Jon

    Agree venom. Hogan first you don’t own Real American the WWE does so if you really don’t want that song out then you shouldn’t left. But if you can’t run Impact then then what make you think you can run own country.

  • JFM

    Hulk Hogan and Barack Obama deserved to be nailed to crosses, have their skin ripped from their bodies and burned.

  • venom

    Hogan said he was going to make great changes for TNA. That didn’t happen either. The United States would be buried like TNA if this scumbag took over.

  • Paton

    sounds like he is describing himself

  • scooter

    how awesome would that be
    Hogan: Kim Jong Il if you don’t stop testing nuclear arms jack America’s gonna come in there and drop the atomic bomb after we slam you giants Brother! so what’cha gonna do when amerimania runs wild on you!

  • VenomEX

    i seem to remember hogan “running for president” a few years back…didn’t go so well

  • MJ

    believed everything he said he was gonna do,” said Hogan. “But now that nothing’s happened. Hogan really needs to shut up! That one statement made himself look like an ass! Hogan truely is full of SHIT!

  • Buttercastle

    I’m probably more suitable for president, and I live in Canada.

  • Cool Mark Punk

    What a F’n tool. This guy has lost the plot.

  • Omar

    “I know nothing about politics.” HAHAHAHAHAHA!