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Hulk Hogan Says He Won’t Be Bumping at Bound For Glory

– As noted before, a few hundred fans attended the Hulk Hogan & Friends event in Allentown, Pennsylvania this weekend.

Hogan mentioned that he won’t be taking any bumps in his match with Sting at TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view, which is likely why the No Disqualification stipulation was added to the match.

Hogan then told a story about how The Rock wanted to map out their entire WrestleMania 18 match in an empty building while Rocky Johnson and Pat Patterson watched. Hogan said out of respect, but he only takes bumps if a lot of people will be watching.


  • venom

    So are these two has beens having a boxing match?

  • Superman

    So hogan is comparing a tna event to an empty wwe arena sounds about right

  • Eric Nixon

    I think Hogan meant he didn’t want to take a bump while going through the the match with The Rock, because the arena was empty.

    He won’t be taking bumps at Bound for Glory for an entirely different reason: he’s too old and beat up and can’t go anymore. He needs to stick to a non-wrestling role with TNA. I guarantee every match at Bound for Glory could use the few extra minutes each that will go in to the Hogan/Sting snore-a-thon.

  • Valo487

    Great, because TNA’s last high profile match they added a DQ stipulation to went over so well. Wait, Sting was in that one too….when the crowd starts chanting “bullshit” I wonder if he’ll agree this time.

  • they did the same wcw and you see what happed

  • nick

    Hogan said out of respect, but he only takes bumps if a lot of people will be watching.

    lmao he just shitted on tna

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Good thing someone so loyal and faithful is at the reins over in TNA…

  • CC

    Well thats just typical Hogan. Sposed to be singing TNA’s praises to get them to the next level, but turns around and says that not enough people watch for him to take a bump.
    Not only is that saying that the viewing figures are shit, but that he doesnt care about the fans who do watch and the rest of the company if they are not worth him taking a bump for.

  • Tom R.

    I guess he has finally accepted the fact that no one watches TNA, so he won’t be taking any bumps.

  • Satan

    So he’s not going to take a bump yet TNA is putting this match on their so called biggest event of the year?? fucking pathetic TNA will never be anything than a second rate pro wrestling company

  • Jon

    Hogan just reitire. U can’t take a hit so get out

  • theTruth

    telling people he’s not taking bumps is not a good way to make people want to watch. I mean the interest in the match is already a tough one and this isn’t helping.

  • Nicholas

    It is not like people are going to be watching the PPV any way. I mean come on when is TNA going to come up with a PPV that is worth watching.

  • deva

    so the entire hogan sting match will consists of chops and punches only