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Hulk Hogan Says He’s Not Coming Back To TNA, Familiar Faces Returning Soon, More

– Hulk Hogan currently has no plans to return to TNA Wrestling following the expiration of his contract last month.

Saturday night on Twitter, the WWE Hall of Famer responded to a fan question asking whether he will be returning to the company with the following: “yo Peri,I’m sorry I won’t be coming back. HH.”

– TNA Wrestling has announced that they will be publishing a “News & Notes” column on, which may run every Saturday. In one interesting tidbit, the column states that some familiar faces are expected to return to the promotion soon.

The column also notes that more matches will be announced in the coming days for One Night Only: Hardcore Justice (Dec. 29 in Lowell, Massachusetts at Lowell Memorial Auditorium) and One Night Only: #OldSchool (Dec. 30 in Poughkeepsie, New York at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center), and that an “Ask The Professor” feature hosted by Mike Tenay will be launched in the future. To read the full column, click here.

– In this “#IMPACT365” video, seven-time tag team champion Hernandez shows off his home workout.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Except it is though, Hogan always makes it about him. While I’m not a massive TNA fan, they were doing pretty good (not amazing) without Hogan & Bischoff there, yet as soon as they bring him in low and behold look what happened… He’s getting more promo time than the actual wrestlers (and theres some pretty solid wrestlers there) while also bringing in his air head daughter who has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the business at all. Hogan was the one to watch in the 80’s/early 90’s i agree entirely, but like everything else wrestling changes with the times.

    I mean look at ric flair for example, 16 time champion/4 horsemen member etc… but look how long he wrestled for before he finally retired. He did his last match had his bittersweet farewell and that was that. Because even though he went to TNA (and now come back to the WWE) and did some manager out of ring promo stuff he didn’t make himself the centre of attention and he was just as big (if not bigger than hogan). You don’t see him coming on screen every week trying to get tv time do you?

    The difference between Hogan and those legends you named they all knew when their time was over.

    Undertaker while i love the guy, he hasn’t been on screen since wrestle mania and even before then he was gone for almost a year, Bret Hart had a career ending injury and even after that he’s never really been on tv that much or really ever wanted to & Austin & Rock both have successful movie careers so their not exactly screaming to be at raw or need to be either. In fact they’ve tried to get Austin to do a match several times but he’s said no as he wants to push younger guys.

    While they ALL sold tickets at one point, their time has come and gone. Hogan & Flair had the 80’s/early 90’s, Austin/Rock had the mid 90’s/2000’s… things change.

    I mean WWE are (and should be) focusing on the next crop of guys & should be pushing for them to step up and become the next Hogan/Rock/Austin etc. Punk, Bryan, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes etc… are all top contenders who are obviously gonna be the next few big stars so its not like they’ve got nobody or they’re pushing JTG into the championship scene is it? All I’m saying is they don’t NEED him, if he wants to come do a little run in cool, but other than that theres no real desire or purpose for him to be there

  • TOmC

    It’s not now nor will it ever again be “all about him.” That’s the part that you and other Hogan Hating “fans” will never get. It’s about an appeal to ALL pro-wrestling fans – older and newer. It’s about a formula for increasing interest, ticket sales and PPV buys.

    No matter how many of you rant, rave and whine about Hulk Hogan or other pro-wrestling legends, the FACT of the matter is that nostalgia characters like Hulk Hogan (and several others – INCLUDING the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, The Rock, even HHH) SELL TICKETS. TRUE pro-wrestling fans still enjoy seeing these characters occasionally in the mix. Otherwise, all we continue to be treated to is week after week after week of Los Matadores vs. 3MB.

  • God of Entertainment

    Dude u think Hogan is running to WWE to come back? Really? Really? Really? Lol Vincent Kennedy McMahon is back at work, seeing what names can provide the most news for his poorly planned upcoming Wrestlemania XXX. Hulk Hogan is REALLY the only front runner considering he tried RVD, Brock & Rock. The Rock worked for 2 years but the rematch didn’t do as well as Vince hoped. Burying another 10+ million for his return would be pointless. I do think that if u can muster just 1 match, forget all the Royal Rumble talk but just 1 great match left in Hogans body then use it against the Undertaker. That would REALLY be an “end of an era” match. The golden eras 2 greatest wrestlers facing off 1 on 1 to claim the best of their time. People ridiculed this suggestion earlier this year but be honest…Hulk is STILL big time box office material. Bring back the real american Hogan though Vince (no way in hell he’s reading but for that glimmer of hope that he is lol) cause Hollywood Hogan is dead (WWE 2k14 reassured that with his rating.) Also bring back the “deadman” with his GREY 90s attire. That would be worth admission for sure. Back to this dudes comment, Hogans tenure in wrestling has been 1 that I’m sure he wishes he could walk away from and enjoy life. He only returned to TNA to become an owner but u know Dixie had other plans for Hogan. She forcefed him into the ring and u could tell that Hogan wanted no parts of it by his looks and attitude. I watched that period in TNA where Hogan did the wrestling/gm thing and to be honest the 3 fans in the stands (just joking TNA) gave him a great reception most of the time. Do I think Hogan should sign a legends deal? No. Do i think he should sign a 1 match deal for a boat load of cash? Yes (don’t get the term confused boatload could be a wide range of amounts.) Peace

  • Little Jimmy

    Hogan would be a good entrant in the Royal Rumble and possible be involved or have a match at Mania.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    People need to stop with the nostalgia act. Yes he was the top name of the 80’s early 90’s, but once you’ve taken off the rose tinted glasses you’ll see that he’s not that great anymore and its not all about him.

    its 2013, and we should be building up the next generation of stars to become the next austin/rock/Hogan etc… However Hogan being the focus isn’t gonna do anything to help that.

  • Austin29

    He’d draw more with WWE than anywhere I think!!

  • TOmC

    If Hogan can still draw, then he should go wherever they will book him – be it TNA, WWE or any other promotion.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Good! Hopefully Hogan can take his ego and stay retired, its not the 90s anymore