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Hulk Hogan Comments On Desmond Wolfe’s TNA Status

Hulk Hogan addressed Desmond Wolfe’s status with TNA Wrestling Friday on his Twitter account.

When asked when fans can expect Wolfe to return to television, Hogan responded, “Desmond’s situation is beyond TNA’s control, the ball is completely in his court.”

Wolfe and Magnus were scheduled to face Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin for the TNA World Tag Team Championship at No Surrender, but were pulled from the event at the last minute, with the organization citing a “personal issue” as the reason. The Pro Wrestling Torch reported that according to multiple sources within TNA, Wolfe was pulled from the pay-per-view event due to concerns with concussion side effects.

His on-screen absence was explained by Magnus, who claimed that in an attempt to become a dual athlete, Wolfe had traveled to London to tryout for Chelsea F.C.

Company president Dixie Carter announced on November 21, 2010 that Wolfe would be returning to television. On the December 16, 2010 edition of iMPACT!, Magnus met his former tag team partner Douglas Williams and informed him that Wolfe would be returning soon, while also telling him that they had gotten rid of Chelsea. Wolfe made his return in a non–televised segment at the December 10, 2010 iMPACT! taping when he and Magnus saved Douglas Williams from Fortune members AJ Styles and Rob Terry. The segment, however, did not air on the January 6, 2011 iMPACT telecast. Wolfe has not appeared for the organization since then.

  • Chris E.

    He came in with a great push. Cut some fantastic promos. Sad to see his career at this point. Hopefully, he will be back.

  • Will Henderson

    i guess we won’t know why Desmond isn’t wrestling until TNA gives him his release and then a shot interview comes out revealing the Truth.

  • 6burgh

    i miss Wolfe. i looking forward to wolfe/magnus tag-team. Wolfe is a great old school wrestle who had a great fued with angle. in fact angle and wolfe had a cage match called 3 degrees of pain. samething as ultra male match tonight.

  • Daniel Schein

    There hasn’t been an official answer given as to Desmond’s personal situation. The two stories I have heard have been the head trauma one above and the other speculates that he might have Hep C. If it were the latter I don’t think he would still have an active contract because that wouldn’t change. As far as head trauma well that’s kind of vague and depends on the nature of his injuries.

    Back when he was still Nigel Mcguinness and seemingly signed with WWE he didn’t pass there wellness test although it was noted it had nothing to do with drugs. If it were Hep C I doubt he would have gone on to sign with TNA so I personally don’t believe that especially since he has bled at least a few times in TNA. It’s a shame if his issue puts an end to his in ring career as I felt he was the most frsh and promising all round heel TNA had seen. I know he has been doing stand up comedy lately.

  • shawn

    idk. tna doesn’t have this info exposed like they have the news about the bickering” about an aquired wrestler.

  • Hunter

    Don’t follow tna, so can anyone tell me what happened to Desmond?

  • WWExtreme

    FuCK YOU HoGaN!

  • shawn

    it doesn’t sound good for him if he cant wrestle now because of an head injury.