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Hulk Hogan Comments on TNA Ratings, Sting’s Injury, Ending to Impact

Hulk Hogan posted several interesting tweets on his Twitter account yesterday. Here are a few things he said.

On The Recent TNA iMPACT! Ratings: Very grateful to everyone for staying strong,working together,staying positive,the ratings are a mirror reflection of your hard workthanksHH

On Sting: Stings hurt but he’ll be back soon. HH

On The Ending of this week’s TNA Impact Wrestling (Re-Tweeted A Fan Comment): My friend ! Been loving #TNA the past 2 months BUT the ending segment on Impact with A.J and Dixie was just BRUTAL. #HH4Life

On Austin Aries: I really hope @austinaries becomes our new world champion,when you look in his eyes you can tell he’s the real deal brother. HH

  • Keath

    I look forward to watching TNA, but raw is just unbearable nowadays. Fans watch wrestling because of stories and that’s what TNA is putting out, and a lot of wrestling storylines is ridiculous yet entertaining. In WWE only true storylines now are made for Cena The WWE champ is disrespected by not being the main event. In TNA the Champion is the man and that’s what the wrestlers are gunning for.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    So much negativity on this site and with wrestling fans as a whole. Why not sit back and enjoy the product, Personally i think TNA has been doing well recently give or take a few things.

  • CM Mark

    Aries is solid talent. He should really do well for them if they will push him in their top spot.

  • CC

    “Cookie cutter, no innovation WWE” … this made me laugh seeing as all TNA seems to do is copy WWE and WCW … yeah, TNA is really innovative.
    I’ll grant ya, WWE is hardly original these days, but to try to claim TNA is is quite laughable.
    I record WWE shows so I can fast forward through the bits I dont like … if I recorded TNA, I would fast forward through the whole lot.
    Hell, I wish I could have fast forwarded through the whole live show I attended a while back as it left me near catatonic due to its lack of originality and its stroking of Hogan and Bischoffs egos.

  • TomC

    Except for the ridiculous final segment on this past week’s IMPACT, TNA is STILL more fun to watch than boring, cookie-cutter, no innovation WWE.

  • Have they been seeing different ratings to everyone else, or they are on drugs. Or could be really dumb and thought 1.2 millions viewers meant a 1.2 rating

  • Tommy

    ”the ratings are a mirror reflection of your hard workthanksHH”

    So true, that’s why they’re so low.