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Hulk Hogan Says “Never Say Never” After Fan Signing, Kane’s First Day as Director of Operations

– “Director of Operations” Kane had his first day on the job at Friday’s WWE live event in Brussels. He came out wearing a suit and interfered in the Big Show vs. Randy Orton match, allowing Orton to get the win. After the match, Kane shook Orton’s hand and called out The Shield to give Big Show a beatdown. Show ended up making a comeback and challenging Kane to come in the ring. Kane ended up leaving without a fight. He later tweeted:

“First day on the job. #WWEBrussels”

– Hulk Hogan did a signing in Pennsylvania last night and says fans were asking him about a WWE return. Hogan tweeted:

“Great night in Philly tonight and HULKAMANIACS and nWoites everywhere,and they all were asking the same question!!!!! Brother. HH”

“Never say never brother HH”

  • Stumpy

    I actually do know it as I have been watching wrestling, WWF/E in particular, since the 80’s. Your points are well made and clear, but, as with all wrestlers, their names and characters change. Thanks to the internet, the IWC is not ignorant as to who these people are in real life. Not to mention, since the E thinks all fans are stupid anyway, they can just mix that into his new storyline as well. They could say that, since he went corporate, he didn’t like the name Kane anymore and changed it to Glenn Jacobs. Let us not forget the crappy storyline with Chavo Guerrero where he renounced his Mexican heritage and changed his name to Kerwin White. My point is that “creative” will twist any storyline, no matter how asinine, to fit whatever agenda they are pushing at the moment. Since Jacobs will most likely make a political run after retiring from the ring, it is very plausible for the E to take that ball and run with it.

  • Mike Wells

    You clearly don’t know the history of Kane and the Undertaker to suggest changing his name.

    1. He’s only his half brother because of Paul Bearer slipping his mum one, so if he had a different surname, it’d be Bearer.
    2. He only found this out decades later.
    3. Why would he have a different first name as well?

    Calling him Glenn Jacobs would completely kill off the Kane and Undertaker characters. It would be stupid and achieve nothing.

  • Stumpy

    Considering he is supposed to be Taker’s half-brother and not all half-siblings share the last name, it is very possible to do so and not kill the storyline.

  • Mike Wells

    What? And kill 16 years of Kane being the Undertaker’s brother?!

    What an absolutely terrible idea!

  • Stumpy

    They need to have him go by his real name, Glenn Jacobs. It would be more believeable…