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Hulk Hogan Says He Forgives Bret Hart

Hulk Hogan says he has forgiven Bret Hart for his disparaging remarks concerning him on Twitter.

“Last and only comment for Bret,” Hogan wrote tonight. “I hope he finds happiness in life, I feel bad for him and I have totally forgiven him much respect.”

Hart was asked to give his thoughts on Hogan last night on the social networking website, writing: “Hogan’s nothing but a two-faced, backstabbing, steroid freak who deserved everything he got.”

Hogan responded to his harsh criticism this morning as he implied that Hart was guilty of everything he accused him.

“Listen to where Bretts speaking from, it’s funny he’s done everything he’s saying I did,” Hogan wrote.

Hart fired back later, “That’s not what John Graziano thinks, dickhead.”

Graziano was a passenger in Nick Bollea’s car during a car wreck that occurred in August 2007. He suffered injuries that left him in a vegetative state.

  • Ray

    Are you people stupid? How can anyone take Hogan side over Bret Hart. Bret is one of the classiest and honest people in the history of the wrestling business.
    Hogan is nothing but a two-faced loser, who is still living in the past

  • ChrisDV


    What’s your point about Bret not being able to take a bump anymore? The reason Hogan’s not been on TV for months, is because he’s just had a steel rod fused to his spine, so he’s not going to take any bumps in the future either.

    Unless Hogan’s an absolute idiot.

  • Nicholas G

    Hey Bret Hart answer the question with the truth on how many of the wrestlers feel about Hulk Hogan. I mean it is no secret Hogan has stab more people in the back than can be talk about. There is a reason why nobody is watching TNA right now that is nobody cares for Hogan anymore. An the sooner Dixie Carter and the rest of TNA figure it out the better off TNA will be. But the longer Hogan stay with TNA the worst it is going to get. You watch when he finally leave TNA when he stabs them in the back just like he did every where else he has gone. He did it to WCW when it was going out of business. Took all the credit for making WCW big but never took the blame for WCW down fall. All he did in WCW is build people up to put himself over. Never seen Hogan put anybody over expect one person that is Goldberg that was it an that is why WCW is no more.

    Bret Hart went to WCW for one reason and it never happen. Hulk Hogan never face Bret why because Hogan knows who is an was the better wrestler. It is true when I was a kid love Hogan. But as I now have grew up seen the real Hulk Hogan. I have to tell you not one of my favorite anymore. Hulk Hogan ego is an will ever be his biggest down fall.

  • Rucdogg

    Very low blow by Bret bringing up someone that got hurt like that to put Hogan down, I dont like Hogan but I think if your gonna talk bad about him do just that, him not a guy that got hurt in a car wreck, just saying.

  • keylo

    Devil_Rising you really are somethimg and I quote, Married a bitch who he wound up having a very messy divorce with years later? Raise a couple of spoiled rotten brats who probably don’t know an apple from a grenade?
    LOL no one getting married knows how its going end up and what there wife is going turn out like years later and look at the stats in the USA for marriage break ups and fucked up kids as nearly 4/5 in 10 age 15 or over are gang bangers.

    And when the fuck did hart carry WWE/F ? as he walked like this muppet hogan when VKM had not got the money to pay him (hart) what he wanted, if anyone carried WWE back in the 90’sit was not just Hart.

    And as for your rubbish you say on he ratted VKM up at the trails do some fuckin research as he never ratted him out as you try make out and even VKM has admitted that.

    heres the whole transcript from the trails, he never once said he got them from Vinne Mac or that Vinnie told him to take them.

  • CC

    @Shawn. Did you never hear the phone conversation Hogan had with Nick? To the media Hogan was saying how bad it was for John Graziano, then on then someone recorded a phone conversation he had with Nick where he said John was obviously being punished by God for something bad he did, and probably deserved it (or words to that effect).
    Thats why he is pointing out how two faced Hogan is.

    As for the comments above about Hogan not bad mouthing people like Bret, well that just shows that Bret isnt two faced doesnt it.
    If Bret has an issue with someone, right or wrong, he says it. Hogan on the other hand plays nicey nicey to peoples faces and in the media, then stabs them in the back behind the curtains.
    Hell, you only have to read nearly every wrestling biography ever to hear stories of how Hogan will walk over anyone to get what he wants.

    Hell, the Eddie Guerrero one shows what a cunt he can be, and nobody would accuse Eddie of being a bad person or a liar.

  • 2ratedrko2

    Brett is not even aloud to fall in a WWE ring because of his stroke. He is an icon, but nobody was involved with the crowd as much as Hogan. They all took steroids in that era. Hulkamania was an era, the Excellence of Execution was not.

  • mark

    Lets face it back in 1993 , Hogan left for WCW and wouldnt defend the title from wrestlemania 9 until king of the ring when he lost to yoko. Bret stayed round in the WWE. Get the feeling Hogan has always put himself first.

  • Kasey

    Truth hurts Hogan and history repaets its self, take a look in the mirrow!!!!!

  • Devil_Rising

    Bret doesn’t need a hug. Hogan needs to get a life. He was a steriod freak, though not as bad as Ultimate Warrior (Who by the way probably takes the cake for single biggest douchebag in wrestling history). Hogan was, and to this day honestly still IS, ultimately, THE biggest star pro wrestling ever produced. People in third world countries who’ve never seen a wrestling match in their life, still know the name Hulk Hogan. The average “non-fan” very well might not know who the hell Bret Hart, or Ric Flair, or Steve Austin are. But they know who Hogan, Andre, and The Rock are. Hogan has been the biggest and more enduring, longest lasting household name in “sports-entertainment” history.

    And what did he do with it? Burnt bridges? Married a bitch who he wound up having a very messy divorce with years later? Raise a couple of spoiled rotten brats who probably don’t know an apple from a grenade? Politic his way onto the shit-list of hundreds of wrestlers over the years? Stab the guy who made him (Vince) in the back by selling him out during the steroid trials (to save his own ass)? Hogan deserves respect for the huge star he was. But he is no Bret Hart. Hart was a true champion, he did business the right way, and according to just about every backstage source this side of Hogan or Flair (or maybe Warrior, because remember, he’s a douche), Hart is one of the most straight up and honest guys in the business, this side of Undertaker or Mick Foley.

    So please. Hogan is a huge star. But Bret carried a company through it’s darkest hour, and was THE champion and face of the company through all of the Lugers, and Michaels, and Diesels, etc. Hogan couldn’t lace Bret’s boots. And even with them both “crippled”, I’m very sure Hart could at this very moment still kick Hogan’s ass for real.

  • Aaron

    How can you read that exchange and call them immature? Hogan showed so much class there. A) he’s right. brets speaking from bitter hate. B)Whether you like him or not, Hogan, much like “Shawn Michaels,” went from a complete dick to a good person over night when he “found God” two years ago C)How he ended that was very very mature. The cripple comment on Bret’s part, I would have cussed him out. Hogan showed too much class

  • Kakarotto

    CRIPPLE FIGHT!!!!!! even if it happens it will not beat the greatest cripple fight of all time “TIMMY vs JIMMY” from South Park

  • Devil_Rising Jr

    Hulk Hogan
    Mic Skills – 9/10
    Wrestling Skills – 2/10 – Leg drop, bodyslam, repeat.

    Bret Hart
    Mic Skills – 6/10
    Wrestling skills – 9.5/10 – technical, variety.

    Bret > Hulk.

  • sid

    Hogan has to be the biggest scum in wrestling history.
    Really, how many people have you heard say anything nice about him besides the Nasty Boys, Bitchoff and beefcake? Are they all jealous?
    I think not. The popular census says Hogan is a back stabbing, money hungry low life.

  • Mr.X

    What is with all these beefs on Twitter lately? These celebs beef more than rappers do because of Twitter.

  • Trixie

    They’re both in there 50’s. They really need to stop acting like children. I mean really, fueding on twitter? Come on.

  • shawn

    why would bret even bring John Graziano up in regards of hogan being a two-faced liar?

  • !?

    Bret needs to get over himself. Stop worrying about what Hogan is doing and do you. Agreed, they both seem like children.

  • JAck45

    they both cant wrestle for shit these days anyway, but i agree with bret 100%
    in the end thou, they both seem like children

  • Automattic

    I don’t care how old they are, Bret would wrestle circles around Hogan.

  • ##

    Bret needs a hug

  • starz

    im with hulk on this one …One thing we know for sure is that hulk never talked bad about anybody in the past while hart has a history of bad mouthing people….sounds like same old bitter hart to me ….i dont even like hogan but its true!

  • CM Mark

    That would be more interesting than the scheduled main event…lol.