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Hulk Hogan Says He Wants To Induct “Macho Man” Randy Savage Into WWE Hall of Fame

In a newly published interview with Fighting Spirit Magazine, TNA Wrestling Superstar Hulk Hogan discussed his strained relationship with the late “Macho Man” Randy Savage and desire to induct the legendary wrestler into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“I’ve heard all these urban legends about Randy doing something to piss Vince off,” said Hogan. “I’ve heard two or three different stories, and I don’t know if any of those are true, but he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, and I would love to be the one that inducts him. I’ve got a speech for him ready to go. I just think it’s a must that he’s in the Hall of Fame; he was so influential in this business, especially in the WWF, and in my career.

“You know, he’s the only guy we could pass the belt to, and we wouldn’t lose money. You gave the belt to The Ultimate Warrior – I don’t want to drop a bunch of names – and right away the revenue went down. Give the belt to ‘Macho Man’, and things would stay the same, or get better.”

“For me, it would be cool to induct him. We had a rift for about 10 years, and then right before he passed away, I was getting an EKG, when I hear (mimicking Randy’s voice) ‘Yeah, what’s up, brother?’ And I looked over, and he was there, looking great. I said, ‘Hey Mach, how you doing?’ I shook his hand, and introduced him to my wife, Jennifer. He’s like, ‘Hello lovely lady, how ya doing?’ Jennifer said to him, ‘Oh, Mr. Macho, I’ve heard so much about you. You know, we’ve got three or four lawyers at the house today, so we’re gonna cook up. We’d love to have you over.’ But he just went, ‘I don’t dig lawyers, baby, maybe we could start out with a phone call?’

“I was on a show with Lanny (Poffo, Randy’s brother), Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash in Canada [around the time of Randy’s passing], and Lanny had told me that his mom was depressed because his dad had passed away, and would me and Randy come to see her? We were gonna have a barbecue at Randy’s house for his mom, and surprise her. But midweek, Randy passed away. It was tough because we just started talking after all that bullshit; I was excited to talk to him, he was excited to talk to me, and then he passed away. It was [expletive] up. He was a great human being, too. He had a good heart, man. He was a good person.”

  • Barry Horowitz

    how exactly has Hulk Hogan “helped” TNA? it’s worse now then it was before at least before it was a fun alternative to WWE,now it’s a cheap wal-mart version of WWE with a bunch of washed up former WWE guys headlining it. and Hogan throughout his career tried so hard to keep Randy Savage in his shadow because he realized ONE thing about Randy; he was everything Hogan was but better, he had the same relationship with the fans colorful attire and persona, immediately recognizable to people outside of wrestling,and could work the crowds emotions just as much as Hogan and put just as many butts in seats, the difference being Randy was an exceptional wrestler and I think Hogan was afraid of the Macho Man for that and always made sure to hold Randy back.

  • Barry Horowitz

    oh come on xpander you cant seriously think this story is true.

  • Barry Horowitz

    how bout a better trade we get back macho man and hogan goes to heaven?

  • Go home Hogan you’re drunk, you don’t even have to the honor of lacing up his boots, never less induct Randy Savage, Hogan just wants to jump ship to WWE and get a legends deal, worthless hack

  • Centurypromotion

    We are talking about WWE HOF here and i bet you wwe will think business and Hogan is wrestling new fans have to forget reality show’s or internet Hogan brought and made wrestling a VERY FAMOUS show i dont see why hogan couldn’t induct him is personnal life or internet rumours dont have to be include in that decision and why WRESTLING is where it is today it’s’just like a movies or a soap there fiction and gimmick and its a $HOW always was always will be if you stop reading rumours and spoilers and result and you dont focus on their life you might like wrestling even more it’s’an entertainement with a bunch of legends and superstars like Hogan who help wwe and wcw and tna grow and getting fans… On another important note : RANDY MACHO MAN SAVAGE need to be inducted this or next year max !!! R.i.p randy poffo ooooooooooooouuuuuu yeeaaaaaaaah !

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Looks like to me somebody wants back in the WWE to me that all this is because TNA is not that great right now. Last person they would want is Hulk Hogan they were done with him when Hogan went in the Hall of Fame. I am guessing Bret Hart would be the one who puts Macho Man in the Hall of Fame. Will happen soon because I can see it happening next year. I think Hogan knows this and want to be the guy who puts him in but he won’t be there because the whole Hogan and WWE thing it over.

  • Me

    Yes, Hulk Hogan is possibly the most famous pro wrestler ever, doesn’t change the fact he’s always been a poor wrestler, and a selfish egotistical ass, and no, you can’t induct randy savage.

  • D2K

    They tried to play nice-nice last year with the Flair induction with the 4-Horseman and that turned into a lawsuit so I don’t think any joint ventures between the two companies will be happening soon. Whether or not Sting ever sets foot into a WWE ring is all the decision of one man.

    Steve Borden.

  • D2K

    I’m not sure how you would know these ‘stories’ are not true. He may have a distorted-view of the truth at times, but there is no reason to say he is making them up. No benefit in doing that.

  • CC

    As always, gotta try to make everything about himself.
    The man is such a self promoting shill its not funny. Even to the point that he wants to use a dead mans name to help push himself in front of the cameras.
    My guess is that the last person Savage would want inducting him is Hogan, and the first person would be his brother,

  • How about a trade Hulk, you get to induct Macho Man and Undertaker faces Sting at WM30?

    Yes, I still want something that’ll never happen…

  • Josh

    Of course it will, which should be the reason he doesn’t have to constantly invent these stories.

  • D2K

    No matter what he does now or has done, the name ‘Hulk Hogan’ will ALWAYS be relevant in professional wrestling.

  • Omar

    HH: I am trying so hard to stay relevant.