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Hulk Hogan Interested In Bringing Goldberg To TNA, New Role For Christy Hemme

— Hulk Hogan was asked on Twitter if he would like to bring Bill Goldberg to TNA Wrestling.

“Bill Goldberg would blow the roof off the place,” he replied.

— Christy Hemme, who primarily appears on TNA Wrestling pay-per-view events as a backstage announcer, conducted ring announcing duties at the April 20, 2011 iMPACT! taping.

— Former TNA Wrestling talent Jay Lethal is now available for wrestling and/or appearance bookings via Bill Behrens and Show Business, Inc. at and

— Rob Van Dam is scheduled to appear at the Frank & Son Collectible Show in Rowland Heights, California on Saturday, June 4 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Visit for more information.

  • venom

    TNA doesn’t need Goldberg, they already have talent to bury their talent. It would be cool to see Goldberg in WWE for a couple of matches.

  • Bill

    @CC, I kinda agree with WWE. He should at least have a few matches(i.e. before his last match at SS or something to add hype to his feud)

  • HR

    @mike all im saying is tna would do the same thing wcw did with him and make him a monster to embarrass everybody currently on the roster. no ill will my friend.

  • Peep it

    I think Bill will go back to WWE in what role is anyone guess. The money he could make with a legends deal that would be the carrot dangle. Sure would I like to see him give it a go in any form absolutely. But then again I really dont see it happening his schedule is pretty jammed up. So he would probably do something like a here and there kind of deal. But it still would be cool to see him.

  • CC

    @Bill. Goldberg has said numerous times recently that he wants to go back to WWE for one last match. The only reason it hasnt worked out is that WWE would want him for more than one match.
    I cant seen him being interested in TNA, even if they agreed to one match. Goldbergs ego certainly wouldnt allow him to even entertain an appearance for TNA as its far too small for him.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    So you’re saying Goldberg would win 4 more matches than he did in his original run in WCW?

  • HR

    cause he can go 177-0 before losing lol

  • Bill

    If Goldberg doesn’t want to go to WWE, why the hell would he go to TNA?

  • Gary

    honestly, would love a goldberg vs gillberg feud, srsly thats class lol

  • Loyal WWE Mark

    Hogan shoulve just said with all do respect goldberg is a great athlete but he just wouldnt be right for us. BUT Instead hogan had to blow it up. How many times people have to say STOP BRINGING OLD WWE WRESTLERS TO TNA. OR EVEN TRY TO FOR THAT MATTER!

  • mabry

    Nothing against Goldberg (although i dont really like em), but what would he do for TNA. Give the spots to Samoa Joe, AJ Stylez, and all those young guys. Why does Hogan insist on the old timers. I do respect them, but we are talking about guys that havnt wrestle, or even made big apearences in a long time. First Savage and now Goldberg. On the other hand we must consider that he was just answearing a question, not actually saying he wanted Goldberg in TNA.

  • Gary

    it might help a small amount but still wont put tna over wwe, they need to stop trying to compete, and just show they are a different company then WWE, going after the WWE is like the XFL claming they was gna be bigger then the NFL….we all kno that isnt going to happen….EVER

  • Symbiote

    I think some people would like to see him but it wouldn’t help TNA in the long run!

  • Dave

    Haha, Hogan actually thinks people still care about Goldberg? That’s hilarious.

  • Steve

    If it wasn’t obvious before, it sure as hell is now: Hogan is senile!