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Hulk Hogan No Longer Under Contract with TNA, Update on Hogan and AJ Styles’ Statuses

– As of yesterday, Hulk Hogan is no longer under contract with TNA. Both sides are still in negotiations but nothing is official as of this writing. TNA really wants to keep Hogan but it comes down to money.

Regarding AJ Styles’ status, he is locked in through the end of December after signing a contract extension. They have not started contract negotiations past that and likely won’t until after Bound For Glory.

Source: PWInsider

  • BallsDeepMahoney


    WCW 2.0 didn’t work. No shame. It’s time to go home. WWE. You and Vince have monster egos. We all know that. Time to let bygones be bygones. I want to see you ‘honoray’ captain a Survivor Series team. I want you making an appearance at the Royal Rumble (no, not as an entrant). I want you at Wrestlemania XXX and you need to be the one to induct The Ultimate Warrior into the Hall of Fame.

    Make it happen, brotha!

    Pastmania 4 Life!

  • poko

    Nothing wrong with keeping Hogan as long as they don’t over-pay. He does just fine in a GM role and casual fans love him. As long as they aren’t breaking the bank for someone who doesn’t even wrestle, I wouldn’t have a problem with him being re-signed. Someone has to be GM, after all.