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Hulk Hogan Named One of Worst Celebrity Dads

TNA star Hulk Hogan was featured in an article on ABC News which had listed the top Bad Celebrity Dads.

Some on the reasons as to why Hogan made the list included Hogan wiping sunscreen on his daughter’s bottom and revealing his “junk” in a hip hop inspired online commercial. Hogan re-tweeting the comment about someone being “balls deep” inside Brooke Hogan was also named.

  • voice of reason

    you have to remember reality & terry parted company circa 1985 they are so estranged it’s not funny & moo not cool not cool.

  • moo

    alright sorry I took a jab at a crazed killer, mr sensitive.

  • King Ghidorah

    Hulk Hogans family is clearly kayfabe anyway.

  • Dr Killiwiggles

    @moo, thats not even fucking funny you sorry excuse for a person

  • Rikishi

    Brooke is talentless. Her coming to TNA killed that business along with hogan

  • John

    @1919dpg. You couldn’t be more right. His daughter was given every advantage possible to break out into the music world but she failed at that. Than she tried acting which was an even bigger failure. And now she’s set to enter the wrestling world despite having no talent or reason to even be there. She wouldn’t have gotten any of those opportunities if not for her celebrity father but she keeps failing at every turn.

    Hogan’s son is even worse. He doesn’t even try to form some sort of career. He’ll live off his parents aslong as he can.

  • 1919dpg

    his kids are a mess. neither of them went to college and don’t have steady jobs, much less a direction in life.
    they seem to be the typical spoiled rich kids who live off their fathers accomplishments.

  • moo

    Is Benoit on the list?

  • Robinson

    I think hes a douche BC of what nick did. In interviews it seemed he was more worried about nick instead of the kid he killed.

  • mark

    oh dear , Hulk Hogan a legend in his own mind . selfish, egotistical. bit like vince really them two are well suited

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Hulk doesn’t help the incest rumours out with that recent tweet, Makes me sick thinking what would be going on at a Bollea family reunion.

  • SYM