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Hulk Hogan Officially Booked to Return to WWE RAW This Month with Another Hall of Famer

– PWInsider reports that Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart are both now officially booked for the February 24th WWE RAW from Green Bay, Wisconsin. This is the same night the WWE Network launches.

Hogan has had an agreement to return to WWE for some time following his TNA departure. Hogan was originally slated to return during the WWE Network announcement in Las Vegas but the company changed those plans the night before.

As noted, The Undertaker will also be on that RAW. Other top stars are expected to appear.

  • Andre

    I put Sting first but if not I would also choose Brock. I hope The Rock gets his shot at streak in next 2 years.

  • Andre

    2-24-14 will indeed be a night all pro wrestling fans will be watching. Undertaker vs Sting truly the last outlaws and truly would define an Era. We will see.


    No offense to sting but im hoping its lesnars music we hear cuz then we alll know for sure at wrestlemania “HERE COMES THE PAIN”

  • nobody

    Hogan has more talent than Your Mom, and his “Mini Hulk” is bigger than yours.

  • someone

    this would be awesome, but I think the network won’t be available until the next day; but I could be wrong…

  • D2K

    This kinda reminds me of the RAW on 2-21-11

  • Jeff N

    it will almost be a like a ppv

  • Jeff N

    it will almost be a like a ppv

  • Shawn Bronald

    WWE should have just made the 2/24 RAW an “Old School” themed episode. Undertaker and Hogan are now unofficially, officially scheduled, but I’m also expecting Flair and Sting. Also, if Punk is going to return before ‘Mania, this’ll be the episode. From my understanding, they want him to make a surprise and extremely shocking appearance to end the show, possibly delivering a ‘pipe bomp’ promo. This will be cut short and a message will instruct viewers to tune to the Network to watch it live in progress. Genius! Hopefully Vince sold Punk on the idea, I can’t imagine too many other scenarios that would get people quickly buying the network.

  • Prince

    Buying my tickets now.

  • HR

    February 24th might be a good day.

  • Jeff N

    Hogan will talk about his 24in pythons and glad to be back then taker wont talk at all he will just roll his eyes and make a cut throat at who ever hes gunna feud with at W/M 30