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– The Right After Wrestling show on Sirius radio sent out the following announcement, regarding their interview with Hulk Hogan, and his claims as far as his TNA debut goes…


When interviewed by Arda Ocal and Corey Erdman of the “Right After Wrestling” program on SIRIUS 98, Hulk Hogan predicted that Nielson ratings would triple to a 3.0 on his debut appearance on TNA Impact on Monday January 4. Hogan went on to list names such as AJ Styles and Matt Morgan as guys with “something there” and that he will look to mold and “bring to life”.

The full interview will air on “Right After Wrestling” on Monday night December 14 at 11pm EST on SIRIUS Channel 98, Hardcore Sports Radio.

  • Chris

    It all depends on what WWE does that night. If people do not like what they see on RAW they will come to the realization that RAW is not the only place to go for wrestling on Monday night and change to IMPACT!. It really depends which has the less crap show. That’s why it was moved to Monday. Now WWE is a stale, tired, lame, kids show. TNA is just crap storylines. I really do not think one has anything over the other and that is the whole point. These companies need to one up each other so that wrestling in general is not a complete load of crap. The ATTITUDE era is not coming back, but I really think this can be one small step toward a new era in wrestling.

  • Wrestling GOD

    Oh wow they are idiots for thinking get 3.0 i like TNA but it really hasn’t grown as much as Dixie likes to say it has i’d be willing to bet it comes nowhere near 3.0

  • Jon

    Monday Night Football wouldn’t be a factor that night because the last game will be around christmas. Some bowl games may challege Raw and TNA.

    Raw will win that night, it a no brainer

  • Paton

    I am just trying to think of his excuse when this doesn’t happen, especially if The Rock is the guest host

  • 6burgh

    .8 ratings going down against raw.

  • Treg

    *headdesk*.. Someone needs to pull his head out of his ass. And he wants to “mold” AJ Styles?.. Give me a break. Hogan doesn’t know best!

  • gregory

    i agree with everyone
    hogan is very confident
    but its not gunna happen

  • danny

    january 4th is the 1st monday without monday night football im sure thats why tna chose that date to run up against raw hoping that some of the mnf viewers tune in to tna instead of raw…. wwe will either run a 3-hour raw or get someone like the rock to guest host
    tna will pull a 1.4 raw will pull a 3.6

  • tonyd

    jpilk, thats if MON. NIGHT FOOTBALL isnt a good game or the team beats the opposing team in the first half. and RAW guest host sucks just like whats his name from austin powers…GOD THAT WAS AWFUL!!!!

  • No way

    No way does TNA draw a higher rating than Raw. I think Hogan meant that WWE will triple up TNA in the ratings..

  • Dustin

    I just hope they got more than WWE. that’s all I want.

  • jpilk

    monday night football usually gets 9.0 (as i remember)
    raw usually averages a 3.5
    tna’s high is around 1.4 i think
    tna will take out .2 of raw viewers causing a 3.3 for raw
    and tna will get a 1.6, and you can quote me on that!

  • Ray

    Relax guys! Relax! He -meant- to say 0.3!

  • Deva469

    I think Hogan was smoking that natural cigaretters and was “High” on life wen he gave this interview

  • Rob

    I knew Hogan would ruin TNA! “oh im a wrestling megastar people will deffinately tune in to see me” Get over yourself Hogan you bitch, its not the 80’s anymore shut up and leave already. Its pretty damn ironic how he has a divorce, and then comes back to wrestling..hmmm. Seriously nobody gives a crap about Hogan anymore, I tune in to see guys like AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, The MCMG, not some 60 plus year old who couldnt even wrestle a good match in his prime.

  • javi

    I have read almost everywhere that people highly doubt that TNA will not get a 3.0 or 2.0 or ever a 1.5. I even read somewhere that the TNA rating might decrease.

    But i have to ask how many of us are actually gonna watch this? I know i am.

    Im not a hulk hogan fan, havent been since 2005 match vs hbk. I think he is selfish and doesnt give back IMO. I dont watch TNA on a usual basis. The last ppv impressed me a bit, but their storylines suck. It remminds me of later WCW and even WWF in 93 whe neither company had any idea what to do.

    But i will admite i am going to watch TNa on jan 4th. Not cause imma big fan, but cause im interest. and maybe just maybe.. the IWC might be wrong.

  • luckysalt

    If they get double then that would be amazing, Hogan needs to stop shooting his mouth off

  • kevin

    yea…and + the poeple that are so sick and tired of how WWE is now!!

  • josh

    what a moron! if they get more than a 1.5 ill be shocked. hogan is so hung up on himself that he cant see he is not a wrestling god anymore and that people are tired of him

  • TROCK121980

    I hope Hogan is right. I am getting real sick of WWE’s boring, recycled garbage. Go TNA!!!

  • Thumper!

    I will be shocked if they even get to a 2.0

  • Leizar

    Hogan’s becoming senile, eh?

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