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Hulk Hogan Renews Contract With TNA, Devon On Twitter, More

— Hulk Hogan has renewed his contract with TNA Wrestling, the Pro Wrestling Torch has confirmed. Specifics of the agreement were not disclosed, though company officials wanted the deal finalized prior to his scheduled match at Bound for Glory.

— Devon is now on Twitter at

— TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Winter has been added to The Big Event, which takes place November 11 and 12 at the Courtyard Marriott 9010 Ditmars Blvd. East Elmhurst, New York. Visit for more information.

  • adam

    It wasnt just the merger it was the fact that AOL didnt find it viable to keep paying the people like nash and hogan and hall there huge contracts. Tna doesnt really have those problems because they dont let there superstars write there own contracts like WCW did but the focus on hogan and bichoff and the hole immortal group that sucks with out jeff hardy is killing them.

  • Hunter

    If you think it was simply the merger that killed WCW, then your incredibly naive. No school jokes will save your point.

  • scooter

    Okay marks settle down and I’ll explain to you why WCW went out of business. You see a long time ago when you were all around two years old there were two big companys called time warner and AOL. Time Warner owned lots of smaller companys one of them was WCW but time warner and AOL realized they could make more money working together so Uncle ted merged time warner with AOL but AOL didn’t want a wrestling company so they sold WCW on the cheap and vince mcmahon bought them to kill them dead.
    so in conclusion is TNA an overall bad product right now? yes
    is it going to die any time soon? unless panda merges or is sold to another company probably not
    class dismissed

  • D2K

    As Packers play-by-play commentator Wayne Larivee is known for saying,”AND THERE IS YOUR DAGGER!!”

  • adam

    As of right now they are worse off. Becuse at least in wcw’s dying weeks they were doing like cruiserweight tag division and tryin to focus on the crusierweights they were just running out of money. Tna for some reason wont even pay attention to there x-divsion people any more except for austin.

  • venom

    TNA is worse than WCW’s dying days.

  • adam

    The only thing i say is bichoff is at least an entertaining charcter when used right. But hogan needs to go and neither of them should have any say in how the company is run thats how wcw failed.

  • charlie

    dam wwe is doing so much better there getting out of pg and there storylines are such much interesting and i do have to give credit to punk mostly changing that but also HHH the rock and dare i say even a litle bit of cena

  • RAMSES 2


  • MJ

    Hogan doesnt even promote TNA so why bring him back? The facts are people are so tired of him and bishoff not doing anything. Hogan rather promote Midget wrestling then TNA. So why pay him just to nothing but be an on air talent? They could have got Paul Heymen to change things in TNA but they rather have guys who aren’t doing anything with their company other then sucking it dry? Eric bishoff says the IWC is a bunch of internet geeks and this and that but if you expect us to watch tna just to see him and hogan do nothing but be in a take over storyline that has happened in wcw, wwf, and now tna? Noone cares anymore its time they do something different.

  • CM Mark

    The nail in the coffin.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • adam

    @MJ. Its because like i said before Dixie does not know how to run a wrestling company. She is just a girl who somehow feel into money and wanted to spend it on something big so she baught tna. THen with more money she was like hmmmmm in the 90’s hogan and these older people almost took down the WWE maybe they can help me do that with tna. Then when she notices its not working she is to stubborn to admit she was wrong so she is going to keep them around until the ship finally sinks.

  • MJ

    I give up on TNA! The facts are hogan isn’t drawing a dime and niether is bishoff so why in the hell keep them around? i bet flair is going to stay aswell huh? The rumours about Dixie Carter holding on to the dinosaurs are all true! Let them go already and start pushing guys like robert roode and the whole roster that can benefit with them leaving! now we’ll just have hogan getting most of the attention and bishoff not doing anything. man tna sucks! wwe’s basically doing better and tna is doing the samethings that made wcw went down the tubes! TNA has lasted for a while but i dont think their own fans are going to like the fact that hogan,bishoff, jeff jarrett, are getting more tv time then aj styles, daniels, and alot of the others. tna needs to stop cramming things into one 2 hour show and just keep it simple.