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– F4Wonline.com reports that Hulk Hogan will be staying with TNA. TNA apparently offered Hogan more money than WWE did.

It’s said that what WWE offered Hogan was nowhere close to what they’ve offered other stars in previous years. What Hogan will make in 1 year with TNA is about what The Rock and Brock Lesnar are making for 1 match with WWE.

Source: F4Wonline.com

  • D2K

    There is absolutely nothing that can disprove Hogan’s ability to “draw” in WWE as he’s draw big numbers
    every single time he’s stepped in WWE. He’s the biggest name in
    professional wrestling history past, present, and future and no matter how many embarrassing shenanigans he’s gotten himself into in the past few years nothing and
    noone will EVER change that. Hogan’s reputation was shot when he arrived in the WWF in 2002. What happened?………..


    Hulk Hogan can draw on being Hulk Hogan. As seen in two of those videos, all Hogan has to do is stand there and get standing ovations. If it was advertised that he would be on RAW next Monday, EVERYONE would be watching. Even the naysayers. WWE’s marketing machine which wipes it’s rear end with TNA’s marketing efforts. It annoys me when people go from one extreme to another instead of using common sense. So that argument needs to die a very fast and painful death.

    The issue is that he can’t wrestle anymore so there
    is no real use for him other than in a Legends role or something which would not be worth more than what he allegedly was offered from WWE. He made the decision to turn it down so obviously he thinks he’s worth more than that. The rest of us might disagree. I think that if he did come back it would have to be after a hiatus to where people can get him in TNA out of there minds. The only thing I can see him being useful for is a figurehead in WWE. Hulkamania merchandise, occasional appearances, stuff like that. I personally wouldn’t want to have anything to do with Vince McMahon again if I was him, but I think that in the long run he would be better off going back to WWE because there is more financial stability there for him. Had he of taken the contract that Vince offered him before he went to TNA he’d be set for life. I’m sure that they were salty that he turned it down and probably low-balled him on purpose because of that. I think he should have just swallowed his pride and pulled a Lex Luger. Take the low ball contract, prove you are worth more money by drawing, then renegotiate later. If Vince sees you are worth the money he’ll pay cause he knows it means more dollars in his pocket.

  • millerj265

    Its also funny you say ppl in here are slow when you say that a Hogan vs undertaker match has nvr been done, yet they have wrestled on ppv for the wwe championship before. And if what you meant was nvr been done at mania, that’s stupid, that’s like saying Cena vs Punk has nvr been done just because it hasn’t happened at mania.

  • millerj265

    I hope by nvr been done you mean at a WrestleMania? Because they have had to my knowledge three wwe championship matches before in the past, there last one at wwe judgment day in 02 when taker beat Hogan for the title.

  • millerj265

    Your right VINCE could, because as bad as he is lately with his booking, he still is head and shoulders above TNA in that aspect. But my point is simple. If Hogan had the ability to shatter WrestleMania records like you clamed he could, then 1. Vince would have him right now, and 2. even if a severely handicapped person were booking TNA Hogan still would have managed to bring up there ratings and ppv buys, which he did not.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Legend in UFC LMAO

  • God of Entertainment

    Rock is an icon from movies. Brock became a legend through UFC. Hogan is wrestling and their real life hatred will make the match that much more special IF HOGAN COULD WRESTLE 1 MORE MATCH…idk though but PEDs are a beast

  • God of Entertainment

    TNA has NOBODY OMFG GET A CLUE KID! VINCE HIMSELF COULD BRING TNA A DRAW. Smfh if Hogan had no pull we wouldn’t even share an opinion slow ppl in here

  • God of Entertainment

    Ryback is young. Next! Taker losing to either of those clowns would be the reason wrestling dies. I’m not saying Hogan should win AT ALL but the match has never been done and could shock many if Hogan can move and fight 1 more match

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I have to laugh at this one because I know darn well that Undertaker and Hogan hate each other. Did you know Undertaker was one of the only big name wrestler not at Hogan Hall of Fame. These two have bad history together. Also what really good would it be for WWE to really bring Hogan back they really done all they could for Hogan. He not at The Rock and Brock Lasner level anymore people don’t want to see him. His days are over done end of story. Time for Hogan to start doing something else and there is the problem Hogan don’t know what else to do but that is Hogan problem not WWE.

  • Ray Myer

    That’s because Hogan isn’t WORTH as much as the Rock or Lesnar. His credibility is shot. Gone. Capoot. He has no credibility anymore and he knows it. He is not wanted in the WWE. I sure as hell don’t want to see him on my television again.

  • millerj265

    Exactly, if Hogan was still as over as God of entertainment claims he is, and could shatter all the previous WrestleMania records, then im pretty sure he would have had the star power to at least bring in a few thousand new viewers to TNA in the 3yrs he was there, which he did not.

  • Jesse

    I’m hoping he was being sarcastic. If not, God have mercy on our souls.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Hogan vs. Taker would be a huge disappointment I would draw nothing for the company. That would be like having Ric Flair against Ryback, it would make no sense. In Hogans condition it would be a horribly awful match and would actually waste somebody coming up to face taker. I’d much rather see Sheamus or Barrett take on Taker, just bc it’s time to give it to somebody new. Evn Super Cena or Warrior would be better than Hogan

  • millerj265

    That is literally the only way to describe that train wreck of a comment lol.

  • the v

    Hogan wouldve been a much better raw gm than brad maddox

  • the v

    I agree 100%

  • TOmC

    Yep, you were and remain wrong – as I identified in the beginning and as remains the case. What’s pathetic is that you’re far too immature to own up to it … and it’s painfully obvious that you never will. THAT’S the definition of lacking class.

    Thanks for playing . . . Enjoy your evening.

  • poko

    I was wrong. It’s not just reading comprehension you lack, it’s also common sense. I am honestly blown away that you fail to understand why this is not a situation of mutual exclusivity. Me saying that casual wrestling fans love Hulk Hogan means nothing except that CASUAL WRESTLING FANS LOVE HULK HOGAN. Do us all a favor and go look up the difference between implied and inferred. Beyond that, though, the fact that you turned a positive comment by me into a fight is just pathetic. Really, get some class.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    your wrong on every level

  • TOmC

    “Hogan is sill loved by casual fans” … this is exactly what you said – no matter how many ways you attempt to spin it. No flaming going on here whatsoever … merely pointing out an obvious deficiency in your statement.

    Furthermore, your deficient “I like hamburgers” argument is as divergent from the initial issue here (i.e. your statement suggesting that fans of Hulk Hogan are limited to those being “casual”) as is your continuing (and embarrassing) efforts to try and dig yourself out of the hole you now find yourself in.

    Do yourself a huge favor and save YOURSELF further embarrassment and humiliation and suck-it-up and simply admit that your original statement is both fallaciously limiting and unsubstantiated – outside of YOUR own personal opinion of who is still a fan of Hulk Hogan and enjoys seeing he – and other classic pro-wrestling personas – continue to participate and be mixed into contemporary programming.

  • God of Entertainment

    WWE is retarded as far as big business goes! Honestly,I know it would be a horrible match as the mind would have it but Hogan vs. Undertaker would be the biggest draw in the history of wrestling. I think Hogan with some hgh would make him mobile and more effective for 1 more match. That’s best for business, the legend vs. the streak would shatter all records! What they’re doing now is BAD for business.

  • poko

    Basic reading comprehension, son. The writer does not have to point out when two things are not mutually exclusive. If I say that I like hamburgers, it doesn’t mean that I hate everything else. Seriously, you might want to work on this, it might save you some embarrassment in the future. That, and not flaming others just because you have an agenda you want to hammer at.

  • Yes!3X

    The reasons WWE didn’t offer him a Rock/Lesnar deal are 1)Those guys can still draw and 2)Those guys can still wrestle.

    I can’t imagine Hogan being too happy about this. He probably expected WWE to enter a bidding war with TNA over his services. Hopefully reality will set in with Hogan and he’ll realize he’s not worth half as much as he thinks he is.

  • d_pooch

    This is kinda what I’m thinking. It baffles me that WWE could ever lowball someone to be outbid by TNA. But I do see where WWE would want a bigger commitment from Hogan, which is what drove him away in the past. I don’t see why they couldn’t have offered him a Rock or Lesnar-type deal. Oh well, I guess WWE didn’t want him bad enough.

  • TOmC

    Perhaps then YOU ought to learn how to better phrase your comments, Skippy

  • millerj265

    In reality its probably the best thing for Hogan business wise. His contract I do believe goes through Panda Energy, so even if TNA goes under and ceases to exist by nxt yr, he will still get paid for the duration of his contract. Personally id like to see the Hulkster make one finally in ring appearance on the 30th anniversary of the event he helped create. But at then end of the day, Hulk Hogan is just a tool in which Terry Bollea uses to make a living, and he’s going to do whatever is best for him financially, im sure it would mean a lot to him personally to have one last match at mania, but if the money isn’t right in his eyes then I don’t think he will have to great a problem passing on it.

  • poko

    Listen, boy, you really should pick arguments that make sense. Saying that casual fans love Hulk Hogan is NOT the same as saying anyone else hates him. I was being completely positive. Why people like you have to flame over nothing is beyond me. Seriously, what a bloody stupid argument.

  • millerj265

    Well id bet they already have there eye on acquire other big names over Hogan, probably someone who will be able to wrestle a decent match at least. If I had to guess id say an offer was presented to him so they could 1. say they tried, and 2. had he excepted then it would have been a little extra sizzle on what the already planed steak that is WrestleMania lol. But I will say this, if they induct the Macho Man then I don’t care if they have to work out some special deal with TNA or what the situation may be, it has to be Hogan that inducts him, even if the wwe does the right thing by also inducting Randy’s family as he stated was his wish, Hogan should still at the very least be the one to introduce them, and say a few words about the man who’s career was intertwined with his throughout the late 80’s and into the 90’s, and who im sure Hogan as an immense amount of respect for who he’d like to finally bury the hatchet with, while getting the chance to put the man over and publicly get the chance to say goodbye to great Randy Savage. Just the thought of that speech alone gives me chills lol.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    That’s what I’m saying.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Yea but Hogan hasn’t been helping anybody but himself for many years now. I’m a die hard fan and I can’t stand HH. He’s over stayed his welcome in this business and needs to leave the spot light and go spend time with his dumbass son and horrible singing daughter. It’s not the 80’s or 90’s anymore, all tht Hogan has done in the past 5-10 years has only ruined his legacy and has dam near taken away his ability to walk. I understand your still a Hogan fan, but his time is over, himself and Flair just need to walk away and let the old days go and just enjoy the business as a fan.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Yea for sure, just crazy that it was really low. With WM30 and everything you’d figure they’d want Hogan back, especially if they are inducting Macho man or Warrior in the HOF.

  • ddfindl

    I’m surprised WWE didn’t offer him a 3 month contract going into ‘Mania with only one scheduled match (WMXXX of course). He’s not broke, he could have just resigned with TNA later… oh well. Would have been cool.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Why are TNA wasting there time with this guy? Yeah he WAS one of the top names in the 80s/90, but it’s 2013…. The guy can barely walk as it is, go home!

  • Guest

    Who cares?

    Yes hogan was a star attraction in the 80s/90s, but notice the key word “was”

    It’s 2013, why are they still trying to entice a guy who’s struggling to walk & hasn’t really done anything noteworthy for a good few years?

    He has more than enough money (divorce or not), and TNA should know that. It’s no wonder TNA are struggling, they could be using that kinda money to advertise or showcase new talent not paying crippled has beens

  • Shawn Bronald

    I call BS. Merchandise sales alone with WWE would destroy whatever TNA is offering. Also, if Hogan were to just make a 20 second appearance at WrestleMania XXX, it would blow away everything he’s made at TNA since he first signed. Triple H probably told him he’d have to be on the road full time and/or sign over all his intellectual properties, which the Hulkster has no intention of doing, brother.

  • TOmC

    Still loved by “casual” fans? …. Newsflash kiddo, Hulk Hogan is still loved by REAL wrestling fans – those of us who have been pro-wrestling fans for many many years and actually APPRECIATE the history personalities that helped to escalate pro-wrestling to the heights it has enjoyed.

    “Casual fans” …. gimmie a break

  • poko

    Not a bad deal for TNA, then, if it’s true. It’s probably a lot less than his previous contract, Hogan is sill loved by casual fans, and they don’t have to bring in yet another GM character, allowing them to continue the current storyline.

  • millerj265

    Im not exactly surprised they didn’t offer him more then rock or lesner, considering they can go out and be counted on to put on a 20 or 30 min match, also I would assume that if they ended up paying hulk the same or more then what rock and lesner got, id bet anything that the nxt time rock was in a wwe ring, his asking price will have significantly gone up, as would lesners when his contract comes up.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    That’s actually pretty surprising on WWE’s part, especially with WMXXX around the corner.

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