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Hulk Hogan Re-signs with TNA?, New Video Interview with Jeff Hardy

– Below is a new video interview with Jeff Hardy from The Pro Wrestling Report. Hardy discusses his infamous Victory Road match with Sting and more:

– Several sources are reporting that Hulk Hogan has re-signed some kind of new deal with TNA. Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s contracts were set to expire the week of Bound For Glory. We’re still waiting on more details and confirmation.

Partial source:

  • venom

    I am surprised they resigned him. I guess they really want to fail.

  • MJ

    Eric bishoff calls the IWC all morons when he has been known to be hogans lackey for YEARS! He thinks we are morons when we all wanted him and hogan to never step foot in TNA! Name one thing hulk hogan has done in TNA that would make it a good reason to resign him? Anyone? The guy is a 58 year old man and he really shouldn’t be in the ring at all but hey what do i know im just a guy that wants these old guys out of the picture so their younger talent can be used instead of having them have most of the tv time.

  • adam

    They have to keep him around because the person who is really in charge Dixie doesnt really know much about wrestling. She just see’s oh hogan was a big name that means everyone will love my show right. BUt it doesnt happen and she wont admit she was wrong for bringing the cancer into TNA so she will just go down with him on tv every week over and over again.

  • CM Mark

    Smooth move TNA.

  • Logan

    TNA is still around?….damn *golf clap*

  • Sean Mooney

    Honky Tonk Man lied to us about Hogan leaving TNA for WWE?

  • adam

    They should of asked him about crazy matt. I still find it funny they both cant be well at the same time.

  • Jon

    Bye bye TNA. It was nice knowing you

  • Stumpy

    Too bad that didn’t say Hulk Hogan resigns from TNA as in quits.