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Hulk Hogan Says He’s Just Getting Started, Matches for Tonight’s WWE NXT, Nash Offered Role

– Kevin Nash tweeted the following about a potential role in a new TV pilot:

“Just got off the phone with my agency. Possible pilot lead spot.But they want to see me with brown hair and beard. Asking you guys should I?”

– Hulk Hogan says 2014 is his year. He tweeted the following on Tuesday night:

“Ok midlife crisis,I’m just getting started,ill throw the pythons up against any man woman or beast any day any time,2014 is the HoganYear HH”

– WWE taped the following matches for tonight’s NXT episode:

* Xavier Woods vs. Alexander Rusev
* Wesley Blake vs. Adrian Neville
* Antonio Cesaro vs. CJ Parker
* Summer Rae vs. Natalya

  • Omar

    He is just getting started!….Done with WCW, Done with TNA….Now its time to bring down ROH and every other wrestling organization that will take his “consultative” skills. No company is immortal….only Hulkamania.

  • Elvis Dolinski

    and boy am I happy for that, a show for the WWE Network would be ideal, have a WM pop to bring in that nostalgia feel from its inception till now. Hogan has a future maybe behind the scenes, maybe a face faction? I don’t know

  • ryan

    He didn’t even specifically say it is dealing with wrestling. It could be anything. Coul dbe a different tv deal, it could be a different project, could be something small that he wants to do, it could be a small role for wrestlemania, or just one last hurrah in wwe. Could be anything with that quote. News flash, he hasn’t wrestled a match in a couple years, and it was against sting in tna and guess what people there enjoyed it, and even the iwc was also not helping saying how unbelievable of reaction he will still get dolng his schtick.

    And for one last time…he hasn’t won a title for basically a DECADE now.

  • Kay Jay

    Hulk Hogan another Ric Flair it the money the rush and sadly there people out there wanna see them 1 more time well not sadly its they don’t wanna grow old

  • Elvis Dolinski

    Its his year? He’s just getting started? When will he just stop, I guess he’s like Puff Daddy, He can’t stop, uh uh uh uh,