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Hulk Hogan Says Steve Austin Is A “Constant Bitch”

The Media continues to probe Hulk Hogan about one more match in WWE, with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin being touted as that opponent most recently by Hogan.

In his latest interview with The Roz and Mocha Show, Hogan made these comments relating to The Rattlesnake:

“It’s always some type of crap going on. … Everybody’s talking smack about everybody else. I’ve never seen anything like it. If there was one guy that there’s this major bitch with that is this constant bitch is Stone Cold Steve Austin. I ran into him last week and I said ‘look, bro, everybody keeps talking, why didn’t this happen? I came back with the nWo in 05, I was ready to go, and it didn’t happen. I know you had some health issues and stuff like that but what’s the problem now, brother?’ He can be a nasty scoundrel.”

A match between the pair is unlikely – Hogan wouldn’t likely pass a required WWE physical and Austin has gone on record many times to say while he is open to another match, the situation would have to be just right.