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Hulk Hogan Now Suing Bubba The Love Sponge

From TMZ:

Hulk Hogan will sue his best friend, Bubba the Love Sponge, for allegedly betraying him by secretly taping Hulk’s sexual escapade with Bubba’s wife Heather … TMZ has learned.

We’re told … the lawsuit will be filed in Florida and Hulk will allege invasion of privacy, on grounds Bubba and Heather (also a defendant) conspired to roll tape during her encounter with Hulk.

We broke the story … in the tape, right after Hulk bangs Heather and leaves the room, Bubba enters and says to Heather, “If we ever did want to retire, all we’d have to do is use this footage.”

Hulk said on TMZ Live he was sick to his stomach over the revelation.

Hulk is also filing a federal lawsuit against the website that posted the tape.

  • rko

    @ Jefferson

    I agreed with you until you brought up kong. That fat bitch was completely wrong physically attacking blts over his opinion.

  • Pete

    I dont know why he is even doing this, if he “didnt know” about all of this before, doesnt that mean he was sleeping with his best friends wife?

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I was a huge Hulkamaniac as a little kid, but nowadays, I’ll be the first to jump on the “Fuck you, I hate you, Hulk Hogan” bandwagon. The man’s truly a scumbag, liar, prick, insecure politician glory-hog asshole. I hate his asshole family too, from his whore ex-wife, her son… I mean boyfriend Charlie, Hogan’s dickhead son Nick who left his “friend” brain-damaged, and their talentless whore daughter whose failed wannabe Britney Spears singing career now lands her a job in TNA because of daddy. I hate the “Hogans”. I really do.

    And Hogan’s deserved a lot of the bullshit and black clouds in his life lately. But the guy’s own best friend betrays him and wants to make money off him? Bubba The Love Sponge is truly a piece of human shit. He’s always been known to be a suckass and Hogan yes-man and hanger-on like Brian Knobbs and Jimmy Hart. But Bubba’s got some balls to knife his buddy in the back like that. And use your own ex-wife as a pawn? Some sick fucking people out there. Bubba, you’re garbage, man. A poor-man’s Howard Stern wrestling mark. Fuck that guy. I’m glad Awesome Kong beat his bitch ass down.


    Lol @ “right after Hulk bangs Heather”

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    Its so sad to see what has become of “Hulk Hogan” … From 80’s international USA icon who was a hero and inspiration to many, now to a broken down divorced man suing his bestfriend over a leaked sex tape where he had sex with his bestfriends wife, suing probably because hes broke, and just doesn’t know when to step out of the spot light when it comes to wrestling including ruining TNA… I can only imagine the emotional conflicts that happen in this guys mind.

  • Bubba The Love Sponge

    There is no way you can win against me buddy. BTW, my ex told me that I am more of a man than u were if you know what I mean.