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Hulk Hogan Talks About Hitting Rock Bottom and Bouncing Back

– Hulk Hogan was featured on last Sunday’s episode of “Where Are They Now”, where he talked about having thoughts of suicide after hitting “rock bottom” back in 2007 following Nick being involved in a car accident, and his reality show being canceled.

“Everything kinda went downhill very fast. There was an accident that my son was involved in, and a good friend of ours was in the accident with my son. Just the marriage basically crashing and burning. After the show [Hogan Knows Best], I kinda hit rock bottom. Everything got dark, everything happened at once. I was drinking alcohol very heavily. It just all kept piling up, it all kept mounting and mounting and I didn’t know how to handle it. I always wondered how could someone possibly take their own life, and so I got to that point where I said, ‘You know what, maybe this would be easy. You know, maybe this would be an easy way to fix things.'”

Hogan discussed how things turned around after running into a couple of fans in the Miami area:

“I was with my family and a bunch of my friends at a table, and there’s a bunch of negativity about the food being bad, the champagne didn’t work, even though it was all consumed. When I walked outside, some kid ran up and hugged me and was like, ‘Oh I grew up watching you. I didn’t have a dad, you’re like a dad to me.’ There was another person that said ‘Hey Hulk, we love you.’ I went, ‘Oh my God’, it was right then – I didn’t understand what was going on – but it hit me that there’s clean air and that there’s dirty air.”

“Once I walked back inside again, I realized I couldn’t take it anymore. I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I got sick and tired of the hating, the negativity, the verbal abuse, just everything that I was hearing, I got sick and tired of being around it. And all that stuff that was so bad, and the worst thing that can happen and such a huge setback, I now realize I had to go through all this stuff to be who I am today.”