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- Hulk Hogan recently spoke to St. Louis Live and was asked about TNA’s current product. He said:

“The majority of our time we stay consistent with storylines. I think we are really, really consistent with delivering the action and keeping the business in the ring as much as possible. There are certain times where you can watch a quarter hour and minute-by-minute and see where the girls are on there and doing certain things in the background, having a certain conversation. That works. We try not to go against the grain. But the majority of the time the people want the action in the ring and we try to be really consistent with that, and that’s what we are trying to do.”

- TNA’s 500th episode of Impact Wrestling will air on Spike TV on November 7th of this year.

  • JohnCena33

    TNA will fail.

  • rabid

    Not comparing the 2 just saying kudos to them on their continued and allbeit slow success.. my opinion on what they do with talent does not matter.. they continue to grow slowly and its working for them.. everyone gets behind their computers and compares them to everone and says what they do and do not do but fact is they already surpassed one of the big 3 and almost wcw.. they havehad succes with no promotion on multiple stations and if u look at it use established talent to help their home grown talent make a greater impact.. what they know is true no one can topple the monster of wwe so they are making there own mark on the wrestling world

  • ssadasd

    Of course, TNA has like 1/5 the ratings of WCW, and no Billionaire Ted. There is a lot about the 2 companies which is different, notably that TNA has neutralized the impact of every single top star it has signed in the last 10 years, to the point that guys like Jeff Hardy, Sting and Rob Van Dam made no difference in the ratings.

  • rabid

    Real trippy to think that nitro was on for a little less than 6 years with 260 some odd episodes and here tna is with almost double… congrats to tna for that and for always plugging along with most of the iwc trashing them saying there always gonna fail

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