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Hulk Hogan Talks About His Final Encounter With The Ultimate Warrior

– In the above video with Grantland, Hulk Hogan talks about his final encounter with The Ultimate Warrior during WrestleMania XXX weekend, his personal history with Warrior and how he learned of his death.

Hogan, who was at the Gorilla Position for Warrior’s final RAW appearance, said:

“On Raw, he went out there and put on the little Warrior mask; he had a hard time getting it off. I don’t know if you noticed, when he tried to get it off, he had a hard time getting it off. He didn’t look good.”

With cameras backstage filming Warrior for the documentary, Hogan urged that Warrior not be filmed going down the stairs upon his return to the Gorilla Position. Hogan said, “I don’t know if anyone heard me, I was afraid he was going to fall down the stairs.”

“He came back, I gave him another big hug after Raw. He took a picture of him and [Pat] Patterson,” Hogan said. “Next night [SmackDown taping] I go in the ring with Daniel Bryan doing the “Yes! thing, the ear thing (cups ear) and posing. I come out of the ring and Vince [McMahon] is standing over there. He was staring at me.”

“What’s up with that?” Hogan thought to himself.

Hogan then signaled for Vince to give a phone call later.

“I never do that and then I walked off. I told Jimmy Hart, “Jimmy, something’s weird. You know, Vince never just stands there and stares at me like that,” said Hogan.

“So I went back and I said, “Are you cool, are you okay? He goes, “Sit down for a minute, let me tell you something.”

“I don’t know if another rib’s coming. I don’t know what he’s going to set me up with, ’cause you never know, he’s full of it. And he goes, “Nobody knows yet, but while you were in the ring, we got the word that Jim passed away.”

Hogan responded, “What?!”

Hogan says, “Thank God I got to talk to him.”