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Hulk Hogan Teases Reunion With Ex-nWo Partners – “We Could Rule The World Again”

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, who is currently in New York for an autograph signing, is teasing the possibility of a reunion with his former New World Order cohorts, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman.

The legendary grappler stated on Twitter this afternoon, “Totally freaked out how good and in shape Big Kev,Scott”amazing”,XPac are in, with Hollywood we could rule the world again or take on any.” He later added, “Great day in NY,the fans have nothing but love,but they all ask the same question,brother! HH. ps,I’m feeling the energy.”

Hogan was especially impressed with Hall, who has made significant improvement with his health and well-being in the past year. He stated last night, “Scott Hall looks like he’s 25yrs old again and ready to give somebody the Razors Edge,it made my night to see him looking so great.”

  • Paul

    So effing corny!!! I have WWE On Demand and love the pre-2000 stuff. I tried watching a current RAW epi and I was like WTF is this soap opera garbage????

  • Ray Myer

    It may not happen but it’s what I’d do. Be a passing of the torch / end of a legacy for McMahon. It’d also be after his induction into the HoF. No better way to honor the boss than by having a bunch of ex employees fight for him. And I’d put out a big sum of cash to the Rock to help make it happen, whether people like him being around or not. Austin would be the main man I’d want to go with but the chances of that happening are slim.

  • Michael Mink

    So am I and I would love it if he came back and wrestled again

  • RZX

    Whilst I wouldn’t want to see them transition into an active wrestling stable, I would love to see show up in the WWE and for the first time, play the full-fledged face role as they rebel against HHH and his Corporation. It would make for some interesting T.V.

    Let’s just hope the Writers don’t screw it up.

  • Steve Cordon

    Dude if the original NWO came back and even brought Sting then the WWE would be fun to watch again. The WWE is to watered down and annoying to watch now its like the worst fake soap opera on TV. Weak Sauce!!! I mean come one Daniel Bryant, that dude is small, ugly and annoying with all that yes yes garbage. Come on people.I can’t believe how the crowd goes along with it like lost sheeple. It just gets so annoying because the WWE used to be manly and tough but now its like a wannabe shadowed version of its old self. The WWE is really pathetic with that Wyatt family too. Its really a cheap freak show now instead of a wrestling show which makes it so annoying because it used to stand for something and it used to really be entertaining. Now its corney and stupid.



  • Rated Republican

    I would add that Vince McMahon says he wants to kill the WWE as we know it now with the Authority in charge with a cancer so vile and devastating that not even wearing pink for the Susan Komen Foundation will be able to stop it. And the best cancer to destroy a wrestling company is 3 letters… n… W… o… !!

  • Gary

    the NwO vs the shield



  • bummed1

    if you’re starting a wrestling gimmick called crippled wrestling org you might have something. None of them can wrestle anymore, let alone stand. Great rumor, but full of fudge.

  • jg

    I wouldn’t jump to conclusion and call that comment a tease reunion. Sounds to me he was just stating facts in hopes that wwe would take notice. Hogan can say “playing football later. Imagine me in NFL pads” and people who have nothing better to do will try to strum things up and have articles saying “hogan teases joining the NFL.” Yeah another wwe run names more sense than the NFL but you get my point lol

  • TheRawTruth

    I like Hogan giving props to Hall for his recovery. Nice “Razor’s Edge” mention too. I’m an old school mark, so I will never get tired of the nWo mentions.

  • bald guy

    maybe the shield is the nwo.

  • Dingo Warrior

    Bring Warrior Back

  • Dfury13

    I’d rather see Hogan be a mystery partner for Roman Reigns against the other shield members. Hogan get’s to appear, not wrestle much and Reigns gets the rub and looks like an even more credible face.

  • millerj265

    OMG I forgot about that amazingly stupid part of wrestling history, I remember at 6yrs old asking my mom “how is hulk Hogan going to be able to beat the Giant, he just threw him off a building and hes not dead, I don’t think his leg drop will hurt more then that did” looking back on it now I can see her trying to figure out some way to not ruin the illusion of wresting for me yet but she honestly couldn’t come up with anything other then well hes Hulk Hogan and he can beat anyone, and that was good enough for 6yr old me cause I was like, okay that’s good cause I was worried for the hulkster there for a min lol.

  • Skip Becker

    Or in other words, I would love for the NWO to come back. It would be awesome.

  • what?

    I’m so hyped for this to happen .but wwe writers will mess it up

  • Jason Lentini

    You sir should take over as a WWE writer. That one sentence synopsis was better than what the entire WWE writing staff has done for most of the year.

  • Achayden

    NWO vs The Shield Wrestlemania hell yeah

  • Ray Myer

    Vince McMahon returns, forms a faction of ‘old school’ wrestlers and has them compete against the Authority at WM30. You heard it here.

  • StocktonJoe

    They could be in a WWC match – that’s Walkers, Wheelchairs and Canes. Hogan can barely WALK. In spite of what anyone says, Hall isn’t done with rehab – it’ll be a lifelong commitment to stay sober. If it looks, sounds, smells, tastes or feels like work, Nash won’t have his heart in it. These guys time has come and gone. Sorry.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Really?! I had no idea if that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeffrey Bolo Bolden

    survey says 1 more run for the good guys!

  • Jimmy D

    …it won’t be the nWo taking on the Authority, that’s just too easy & not HHH Stephanies style. Once reigns leaves the the shield & turns “face”, things will shape up. And with Kane in the picture now & strong rumors of HBK becoming a “suit” with the Authority for 2014, I doubt it’ll happen though, someone else will be joining the Authority. But, that also means the Big Show will need more than an occasional save by Kingston, ziggler, Miz or R Truth. And leave it up to the WWE to always leave out a main eventer from joining the “face” faction, CM Punk to help the Big Show. The rumors for the past 6-8 months was all surrounding Bryan being the new “corporate” champ. And they all changed when cena got hurt. That sped up the Orton story line as the new face of the wwe, trusted the big show into the picture & then they dumped the Kane v wyatt family feud when Kane came back from making his movie. As of right now, there is no clear direction of what the wwe is trying to do with the Authority, other than the obvious… Show v Orton & the eventual face turn of reigns. And any talk of an nWo v authority, while definitely intriguing, just doesn’t seem likely. It’s time the wwe pushes there younger generation & gives them the shot to shine in the Big spots. And what better way than to have them join big show in a feud against the Authority?

  • trippindarift

    Just as long as he’s not being pushed off a rooftop and shown talking backstage afterwards again.

  • Yes!3X

    I’m not sure Scott Hall is in any condition to be returning to anything but rehab. Just give it up Hogan. Your career is finished and no amount of nostalgia is going to make you relevant again.

  • Jimmy D

    Once the shield breaks up, the pieces will start falling into place as to who the faction will be to take down the Authority.

  • rick

    I love four the nwo to come back it wood be awesome

  • Tim

    Big Show Was Apart of the Original nWo! He Was The Giant!

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I’d have to agree, they could even have Big Show part of the nWo. They could start by having little small problems happening and then get bigger, to eventually reveal it was the nWo behind it all.

  • what?

    Even though their all past their prime this would make a epic feud with trips corporation wwe