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Hulk Hogan Teases Shaquille O’Neal Appearance on Impact Wrestling

Hulk Hogan teased that Shaquille O’Neal, who is backstage at Impact in Orlando today, would be appearing on Impact tonight. Here is what Hogan posted on Twitter.

“Want some?you know the rest,got my other son Shaq watching my back tonight on IMPACT! Come get some Aces and8’s. HOLLYWOOD4LIFE2SWEET”

  • eric

    I don’t even watch tna. i go on wrestling0edge website. look at spoiler for tna impact on wendesday night. if hogan is on tna hoging spotlight. which he does majority of time. i don;t waste my time. only when hogan company killer is not on tna when i watch. why don’t tna get a oringal idea. or get rid of hogan and bischoff let them go to wwe. kiss vince butt. let tna go back what it was in 2002-2009 before hogan bishoff friends came ruined it. 6 sided ring x divison young guys in spotlight. it is what 5 time wwe champion hall of famer bret hart said it would be. hulk hogan hog spotlight. it is all about hulk hogan. that is reason tna sucks!

  • Tommy

    Couldn’t be more boring