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Hulk Hogan Says TNA Screwed Up With Letting Devon Slip Away, Devon Responds

Devon’s departure from TNA Wrestling two weeks ago due to his contract not being renewed came as shock to many employees since he well-liked and considered a model employee. Hulk Hogan is among those people.

Sunday on Twitter, the legendary wrestler was asked about Devon returning to TNA for at least one night to drop the Television Championship and responded “I’m all over it.” He continued, “Devon is to valuable to ever let him slip away, huge screw up on somebodys part. HH.”

Hogan also posted a fan message stating, “Bring back our TNA tv champion. We all miss Devon on Thursday nights!”

Devon responded to Hogan’s appraisal of him, tweeting, “thank u @HulkHogan for all the great and kind words he said about me.if it wasn’t for him i wouldn’t b in the biz. i wouldn’t had the run since i got the tna tv title . thank you sir.”

  • barry horowitz

    whats worse is hogan continues to make TNA brass look even more inept than they are by saying “they screwed up” hey hogan you old wrinkled has-been,let them handle their own company and leave the business descisions up to them and go do some more rent a center commercials you sell out clown.

  • yaz

    no devon. that sucks

  • 1919dpg

    as much as i respect what they’ve done, devon on his own is useless to tna on tv. he was incredibly boring to watch and hogan is demonstrating how clueless he is by saying that they actually lost something.

  • Logan

    First time in a long time I agree with Hogan.

  • poko

    There is no need to confuse “nice guy” and “business asset”. The WWE does not confuse the two and neither should TNA, not if it wants to be serious about its finances.

    Part of the reason the WCW imploded was that it allowed its payroll to get out of hand. They paid performers more than they were worth and gave extensions to guys who were no longer drawing. I actually applaud TNA for their recent financial responsibility in letting performers walk rather than automatically resigning them to bigger contracts and for signing up-and-coming guys instead. It’s hard, especially when you let good people go, but that’s business.

    Devon is a good worker but a minor singles draw at best. The money TNA would need to sign him could probably be spent elsewhere to better effect. I don’t know who is in charge, but they absolutely CANNOT let TNA become Hulk Hogan’s personal friend’s club. Hogan has demonstrated in the past that he is unable to judge his friends objectively, which is a path to failure in the business world.

  • rko

    Yeah the ratings will suffer. they wont.

  • BlaH

    i always thought devon was the dick and bubba was the nice guy but its the other way around

  • TheSheepDog

    Devon is part of a rare breed of human these days, such humility is hard to find. Hope Devon keeps kicking ass