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Hulk Hogan To Undergo More Surgery

– Eric Bischoff posted the following today…

At the airport in Cody heading to Orlando. Spoke to Hulk yesterday. He is on the surgery table as I post this getting the spinal cord stimulator surgically implanted. He will be down for a couple of weeks, but HOPEFULLY this is the solution! He deserves to be out of pain. Been too long. Get well quick buddy…we miss ya!

  • charlemange

    i swear im happy not for the fact he is hurt and is in the hospital but the fact that he wont be on tv for awhile and maybe after this he can make only the bare minimum of apperances and goes on the road to promote TNA

  • damkat

    he should start paying the hospital rent…

  • theMark

    Def agree with Venom…
    Hogan will come back after ALL these surgeries as half Hulkster and half terminatior…the Hulkinator!!!!!

  • venom

    This won’t stop Hogan from coming back to wrestle. He no sells everything.