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Hulk Hogan & Warrior Featured On Latest “Are You Serious?”, More WCW Mockery


This week on Are You Serious?, a clip is featured of (Ultimate) Warrior tormenting Hollywood Hogan backstage through a mirror on WCW Monday Nitro. While the clip airs, Road Dogg and Josh Mathews ponder what Warrior may be foretelling Hogan, such as alimony payments, the box office returns for Santa with Muscles and the end result of PastaMania.

“It’s official, WCW jumps the shark,” Josh Mathews says after baring witness to the clip. Road Dogg adds, “WCW ruined Hulk Hogan. They ruined the Ultimate Warrior. It didn’t help Eric Bischoff any, that’s for sure.” Mathews responds, “Bret Hart’s career really didn’t skyrocket when he went to WCW.”

Road Dogg concludes, “Remember kids, WCW ruins everything, including Billy Kidman’s career.”

Also featured are clips of Juventud Guerrera taking a tumble during his ring entrance at the 1996 WCW Fall Brawl pay-per-view event, Al Snow’s various incarnations and the “Playboy” Buddy Rose “Blow Away” diet.

  • Shawn

    Billy Kidman had a career in WCW. He was nothing in WWE.

  • Gorilla

    Road dogg you suck and Well Road Dogg of today does, dissing wCw just please Vince and keep your job They out of show the shoot Road Dogg does on HHH and Vince and now kissing ass now thats an are you serious moment….

  • Bawb

    Someone should tell these guys WCW’s last couple of years are actually far more entertaining that the garbage being shown now. They harp too much on taking shots at WCW. Enough already.


    WARRIORS FROM ABOVE! Are THEY SERIOUS? Watch when they go to their mirrors tonight!