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Hulk Hogan Has Some Words for Bubba The Love Sponge

Hulk Hogan had some words for Bubba The Love Sponge on Twitter. Here are the tweets.

Getting ready to teach BLUBBER The Love Sponge who the man is and that he is a mark for himself that worked himself into a shoot”ffin markHH

To bad he didn’t tell me the truth from the beginning ,we would have been friends 4Life Ffin mark,stooge,Blubber. HH

All the rest he pays to be his friends and blow smoke are also gonna feel the rath! Brent,Manson or Ned””same” and even Spice”are ffin marks

And I actually thought Spice was cool,Cowhead get ready to bow down ffin. Mark. HH

  • eric

    These insults from hogan sound so weak. even hogan bimbo daughter brooke did better insults toward living legend victoria aka tar in that segment after her ko title match. hogan sounded bad. even honkey tonk man who is from hogan generation era in wwe. does better shoots where he go nuts has alot passion. wheter it is talking about hbk. now that i talk about it. it seems even though shawn micheals hbk was able to turn his life around. in 2002. After hearing from alot ex wwf=e wrestlers from 90’s federation-attitude era wheter it is adam bomb, honkey, bret hart, anyone ex wrestler who wrestle in wwe during 90’s hates shawn guts. have alot bad things to say about him in shoot interviews on youtube. which ask question is hbk shawn micheal most hated superstar in backstage area in 90’s?

  • eric

    If u guys and girls want to see some great entertaining shoots. go on youtube watch jim cornette. who has same yrs of exiperence as hulk hogan. only diffrence is cornette is funny entertaining. very bealivable in his rants on youtube. majority of time he makes sense. Has legit points. About hogan saying that there is no denying he made big impact in business. comes time u have to move and get out of away. cornette was talking about hogan and his old friends. saying about tna and wwe raw in janu4,2010 it remind him of bobo brazil and the sheik working a carinval in michigan in early 90’s because they didn’t want to give up. lol Also about hbk he has going points as well. it is nice hearing what hbk was like backstage or attitude wise in 90’s never knew what happen backstage in 90’s nice hearing from cornette who was backstage in 90’s as manager and part of old wwf creative team. hbk would say on his dvd’s over yrs. he was diffrent man back then then now. Jim cornette would talk about hbk drinking and drug problems in 90’s i am happy hbk turn his life around in 2002. became born again christian. has got off booze and drugs. cornette shoots on youtube are funny.

  • eric

    I just thought after being in pro wrestling business since 1985. if u count old wwf. i thought it would be better shoot on bubba hate sponge. my top 3 fav shooters. when it comes to former wrestling personilties ex wwe people. 1. jim cornette (because he shows alot passion doesn’t matter who he is shooting on. 2. sunny tammy it is entertaining seeing her go nuts about sable or talk about hbk. because growing up in 80’s and 90’s never knew what happen backstage stuff. tammy talking about hbk is kinda of entertaining. 3. it is tie between ultimate warrior or scott stenier. both hate hogan. let hogan have it. Hulk hogan sounds very 3rd grade. i bet his dumb bimbo daughter could do better insults than him!

  • Cobra

    I wish Hogan knew how to spell and space properly, and stop putting “HH” at the end, we don’t need you to tell us you said it

  • Logan

    ….Stiener’s rants are more entertaining. By the way, what in the blue hell is “rath” I know “wrath” but I have no idea what “rath” is brother!

  • eric

    A very minor league shoot. u would think with hogan being in business for over 3 decades. He could come up with better insults. He is no jim cornette. When it comes to shoot interviews on youtube. jim cornette is trillion times better at shooting on people than hogan. from jim cornetter shooting and going nuts about vince russo. wheter it is talking about how much of a major prick hbk was in 90’s hulk hogan could learn thing or 2. how to shoot on people from master of shoots jim cornette!


    “Blubber” lol that’s like grade school insults he just makes himself sound stupid he’d be better off without saying that

  • ChrisDV

    Hogan’s calling Bubba a mark for himself?

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

  • scooter

    You read this in my voice brother!

  • HalfwayJames

    He said mark so many times I was beginning to think that this Mark guy needs to watch his back.

  • d

    Not quite the Scott steiner rants Mr. Hogan