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Hulk Hogan Says The WWE HOF Is Missing A Top Name; His Wrestling Status

Hulk Hogan commented on his wrestling status during an interview with promoting Impact Wrestling’s “2012 Maximum Impact IV” Tour in the United Kingdom.

“I’m not actively on the roster as far as jumping in the ring every night. But, I just love the business and I just want to be around and be part of it,” Hogan said.

Other highlights from the interview:

* Jeff Hardy is not on this year’s tour, but is planned for the next one. Hogan pegged Hardy and AJ Styles as “future stars” of TNA.

* On Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s acting career, Hogan remarked, “I opened the door and he power-talked through it.”

* Hogan said Randy Savage is the top wrestler missing from the WWE Hall of Fame.

The interview is available here.

  • kamala’s foot

    Rosie O’Donald belongs in the HOF.

  • venom

    Does Hogan even watch TNA????

  • Tyler(:

    LOL! Vince harbored a grudge against Savage. so? Savage kept it going aswell.

    Typical Vince Hate.

  • Moo

    Top star in tna is bully ray.

  • I’m Justin UR Mom

    Stephanie should be the one to induct Randy into the Hall of Fame….after all her banging Randy is why Vince is pissed at him.

  • CC

    @Devil_Rising but if Lanny is to be believed, its not just about Vince and grudges, its about Randy wanting his father and brother in with him.
    We only have Lanny’s word on that, but anyway, why would anyone want to see those two go in? Only one anyone gives a damn about is Randy, and rightly so.

  • edgehead34

    even if Hogan is stupid, hes right about one thing, Randy Savage should be in the Hall of Fame, in fact he should be in it this year and keep Edge out until next year when WRESTLEMANIA 29 IS IN TORONTO

  • Jon

    Aj and Jeff are “future stars”? They’ve both been WORLD CHAMPIONS multiple times!! Wtf are you on Hogan? You never cease to amaze me with the stupidity of your comments, interviews, and actions. Aj and Hardy should be tearing the house down night after night instead of having to watch Aj, Daniels, and Kaz get buried because Bischoff and Hogan don’t like their “look.” Get over yourselves and please jsut leave Hulk and Eric. You are the cancer that will kill TNA. Oh wait, I meant Impact Wrestling.. You already killed TNA..

  • Devil_Rising

    Well no shit Randy Savage should be in. Tell that to Vince, who’s harbored a grudge against him for years.

  • Bastion Booger

    @D2K i think they miss understood what he was saying he wasnt saying he made the Rock a star he was saying he opened the door for wrestlers to be in major movies and Rock blew the hinges off of that door

  • D2K

    @ Jon: Huh? The Rock was still a teenager when Hogan did most of his movies. At least the decent ones. Hogan had already done 17 movies and TV series before The Rock got his first role in ‘Mummy Returns’ in 2001.

    Obviously The Rock has done bigger and better in Hollywood, but there is nothing false about what Hogan said. He paved the way financially in the ring and out the ring for a lot of people.

  • The Noble Geek

    The top wrestler missing from the WWE HOF is Bruno Sammartino, not Randy Savage. Randy is certainly in the top 3 missing; the other missing member is Bob Backlund.

  • Jason

    Styles is not the man of TNA, not even close. At this point I would say Storm is the most over by far.

  • scooter

    I agree about savage but to say hardy and styles are the future when there the two most over faces in the company right is ridiculous there the present hulkster!

  • Whooper

    That’s right Hogan keep talking about WWE

  • Jon

    Here we go Hogan not thinking before speaking. Rock was already a big name before you step in. You just a highlight in The Great One carrier not a start up. Only logical thing you said Hogan was Macho Man being in the HOF

  • zach

    The Rock was already in the house and Hogan just happened to stop by. The Rock then showed him the door and told him to walk back out it.