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Hulk Hogan’s Contract with TNA Expiring Soon, Hogan Not Happy with Handling of Brooke’s Exit

– It’s said that Hulk Hogan has not been happy with things in TNA, especially his daughter Brooke’s departure. Hogan was not happy with how TNA handled her departure, feeling that they should have informed him first and let him deal with it.

Communication between Dixie Carter and The Hulkster may have broken down around that time. The recent Impact Wrestling tapings in Cincinnati was the first time Dixie, Hogan and Eric Bischoff were together at the same time in a while.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Hogan’s contract expires on October 1st.

Source: PWInsider

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I believe HHH is going to be the main reason why all these old WWE guys ends up back in the WWE. When he brought Brock Lasner and RVD back it was just the beginning. I believe he also was the reason The Rock came back to in the end I wouldn’t mind seeing Eric Bischoff back as the GM of Raw.

  • Bob

    If Hogan ever made a WWE appearance it should be a run in with the Real Americans, that would be funny!

  • abbasadabad

    Dixie would lose credibility to spend daddies money and for the love of dixie, I hate rich women who leech daddy money instead of doing their own work.

    Remember Billionaire Ted? He flooded WCW with so many main eventers that half of them were reduced to mid card status or only appeared once every 2 weeks.

    He had the idea of spending his way out of bad ratings and it worked, for a while. But then those he was beholden to had other interests, Wrestling not being one of them. I just fear TNA has the same future.

    Daddy will get bored, tell dixie to find something else to waste his money on and all that talent… I am afraid TNA will turn out to be a failure. ECW was a success because it standardized a new norm in Wrestling, and created many Main Eventers. WCW was successful despite losing for many reasons.

    I fear that TNA will have been a waste. I want TNA to succeed but I am forced to admit it probably wont.

  • JohnCena33


  • stockshark

    I’m going to call it right now… Hogan leaves TNA and goes back to the WWE and then its let the love flow here on this site!!!!

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Hogan’s contracts expiring? That’d explain WWE’s blatant sucking up on their website in their “greatest WWE Champions of all time” list

  • millerj265

    Dixie wont lose anything, she’s not playing with her own money its her fathers money being funneled into tna threw panda energy and they will nvr run out of money, at least not from any loses suffered from tna. The only way tna will go out of business is if panda decides that tna was a good attempt at turning a profit but that its failed and its time to cut them lose and move on. But regardless Dixie will still be filthy rich when its all said and done, whether tna ever becomes profitable or not. And in a nutshell maybe that’s tnas biggest problem the owner has really nothing to lose if the company fails so she has no real motivation to really help it succeed, not in the way she would if everything she had was ridding on tna being a success.

  • abbasadabad

    I wonder if Brooke’s Bush looks like Hogan’s Stache.

    Food for thought.

  • abbasadabad

    TNA has had quite a few top stars in their company over the last 10 years and nullified the impact of their presence to the point they didn’t even change the ratings whatsoever.

    Hogan, Hardy, Sting, Team 3D, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Raven, Flair, Angle, RVD, Jarrett… None of them were able to budge the ratings. Then they sign in over-the-hill MMA fighters who don’t care about TNA and are using the company to sell PPV’s for Bellator.

    TNA has had 10 years of top stars and done NOTHING with them. their investors have been pulling out, networks starting to get a cold shoulder and Dixie will soon have to choose between her home and a failed business.

  • abbasadabad

    Seems to me that Stephanie isn’t confident with all the stock she is selling, reinvesting in other places.

    I will take that as a symbol that WWE will downsize their product with smaller arenas, 2 hour raw and smackdowns, no third-level-shows and focusing more on part time contracts with higher downsides and longer term non-compete clauses.

  • poko

    I have no problem with Hogan staying, as long as it’s not at Main Event money. The average fan still likes him, he’s a good speaker, and the GM role fits him. They would have to replace him, anyway, if he left.

  • millerj265

    that’s true but the money Hogan would want just to be an ambassador would probably be more then the wwe would be willing to pay, and the return they would get from it may or may not be worth it. And with wwe saying that there projected income this quarter is going to be lower then expected I doubt they would be willing to meet any of Hogan’s demands. Plus wwe knows that no matter what Hogan is a life long wwe employee regardless of what he’s doing now they know that down the road if they need him he will always be willing to come back. And im hoping that Hogan has seen his last days in a wrestling ring, idk about tna but im sure he will nvr wrestle in the wwe again. So right there really limits him in the wwe as far as his value to them, especially now since they don’t have any mega stars baring john cena and there going to keep bringing in legacy stars to stack up the mania card, and without Hogan being able to get in the ring for a match the wwe isn’t going to want to spend that kind of money on him when there going to need it for another legacy star who can actually compete in a match and sell mania tickets and ppv buys. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back in the company in one manner or another down the road though a few yrs from now.

  • oppa

    This could be a situation where TNA signs him to keep him away from WWE. WWE has the money to pay him since they didn’t sign Ric Flair to the ambassador deal. They can have Hogan do that and not worry as much about him getting drunk and making awkward situations for them. Plus, if WWE puts the machine behind and make millions, it makes TNA look really bad. Vince clearly has little faith in the roster, as evidence by him giving refunds to people for Cena not being able to wrestle. They already have to pay Hogan money for because of the footage they use with him in it. They might as well just pay him a little more to come home and use him more often.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Hogan will opt not to resign (assuming TNA even offers him a new contract) in hopes of making a huge payday by appearing at WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans. I’m not sure what his role will be, but he belongs on the 30th anniversary of the event he made famous.

  • millerj265

    I think they have more then proved they are just hoping to stumble onto something good for a long time now. What renewing his contract will prove is just how ill equipped the ppl in charge of tna are to run a successful business. I don’t blame them for giving it a shot with Hogan, he is the most well known professional wrestler of all time. But that experiment failed and its time to move on. Even vince who made millions upon millions of dollars with Hogan knew when it was time to cut him loose and move on. And if you look back at WCW along with many other problems grant you, they were not willing to move on from Hogan until it was far too late to recover from the damage they cause by having him as one of the main focuses of there company when it was obvious he no longer should be.

  • StocktonJoe

    If Hogan’s contract is up in a couple of weeks, we’ll know fairly quickly just how committed TNA is to sticking around as a business. The smart move is to not renew Hogan’s contract. If they do, I think it confirms that TNA is fumbling around hoping to stumble into something good.