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Hulk Hogan’s Ex-Wife Starring In New Rap Video?, TNA Knockout Plugs WWE

— Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife Linda Hogan is in talks with hip hop artist Ricky Romance to appear in the music video MILF, reports. Hogan would join production by the end of the month if an agreement can be reached. Romance also disclosed his love for the 52-year-old to, who broke up with 23-year-old boyfriend Charlie Hill last week.

“I’m in love with [Linda]. I wrote the song for her hoping to get her attention … it’s a perfect time since she is single now,” he says. “I hope to marry her and have our first child by next year.”

— TNA Wrestling talent Tara, who formerly competed as Victoria for WWE, noted that she was watching SmackDown last Friday on her Twitter account.

“Watching a little bit of WWE and Lilian Garcia looks stunning,” she wrote. The SmackDown Diva responded to the TNA Knockout, writing, “Awe thks sis! Miss ya!!”

  • keylo

    Date: May 20, 2012 at 2:17 PM

    eww that gross young/old together i wont fuck her old pussy.

    Not as gross as the current PM of N Ireland Peter Robinson’s wife, as she was 61 when he found out she was banging a 17 yr old for months behind his dumb ass and even used her position as a Politician to bride two property kings for 50 grand to give to her kiddie lover 45 of it to open a coffee shop and spend the rest in a Ann Summers shop who is a specialist in sex toys and lingerie and the sad English prick stayed with her, the hubby that is.

  • Chris

    Why would any of you fans want her back in WWE when they never used her right beyond one year of her run with the WWE. In TNA she is used right and has matches longer than 3 mins. WWE don’t care about women wrestling so why should Tara care about them?

  • Superman

    Wish Victoria would go back to wwe perfect time fued with Beth and karma would be awesome

  • Jesse

    What moron. Shes 52, she prolly cant even have kids anymore.her eggs went bad. Even if she could it would be a serious health risk to both the old lady and the piece of shit, john cena lovin, nonexistant, baby


    @ Maxwell Kharma cant fit into a steel cage whatchu talkin bout

  • rko

    LOL@Ricky Romance. He’s got no game he goes for the easy ones.

  • Stockton Joe

    @Maxwell – Add Natalya to the mix and make it a Fatal Four-Way. Main Event material for any PPV you can think of. And btw, it’s past time for:

    * A kick-ass Diva’s division. Haven’t had one for years.
    * Diva’s to Main-Event at a PPV. With the right mix, it’d be awesome!

  • Robinson

    Victoria was one of many great female wrestlers when she was in wwe

  • bb

    eww that gross young/old together i wont fuck her old pussy.

  • Randy

    How can his comment go this long without being noted? What a creep, he doesn’t even know her but yet has already set a time frame on when he wants to inpregnate her. What a kook.

  • prince albert

    not surprising, they worked together… next please

  • Myers

    she is so far away from being a MILF.

  • Maxwell

    Victoria vs Kharma vs Beth steel cage match anybody?