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Hulk Hogan’s TNA Return, Matt Hardy T-Shirt Available

– Eric Bischoff took to Twitter today to tease that Hulk Hogan may well be returning to TNA iMPACT! soon.

“Spoke to Hulk late last night,” Bischoff wrote. “He’s feeling great, looking forward to kicking some ass on the March 3 show,” said Bischoff.

– Check out for TNA’s first release of a Matt Hardy t-shirt. You can also check out VIP weekend packages for the Against All Odds PPV on the site.

  • adam

    ya but there is a huge difference there taker can still wrestle and get over with out saying brother six million times in a singal statment. Plus taker doesnt destroy companies like hogan and bitchoff

  • Almost as much time as the Undertaker has ‘returned’.

  • Vinny

    hulk hogans’ 4,628th time returning to pro wrestling.

  • JOE

    @TomC LMFAO couch-potato-brigade! ha

  • TomC

    Love reading all of the laughable postings from the couch-potato-brigade above … as if any ONE of you could ever hold a candle to the career success Terry Bollea (aka: Hulk Hogan) has had.

    Yah, keep sqwaking clowns

  • adam

    i just took a look at both shirts wow they look great. I mean bloodline and i think jeff’s says enigma. I think a better shirt would be matt’s saying grapes=power and jeffs can say drugs=greatness

  • Gary

    d, we know its a fruit, but u must not know the joke lol

  • d

    grapes are a fruit it should say ” I’d gladly wrestle Tuesday for a hamburger today “

  • theMark

    Hardy’s shirt will read “FAT ‘Version 1’ Hardy, I love grapes”!!!

  • elvisD

    Matt Hardy shirt? really? I like the shirt because it has Jeff Hardy on the front and Matt in the shadow, on the back! Will wrestle for Donuts

  • Adam

    TNA’s dream, the return of the old, pathetic geezer. I wish yechiel{israel} made fun of him instead of the Undertaker. Has yechiel even commented on those 2 21 11 posts yet?