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Hulk Hogan’s Ex Wife Busted for DUI

Hulk Hogan’s ex wife Linda was arrested yesterday in Malibu, California and charged with DUI. Linda was arrested at 1:34 AM after being pulled over for speeding.

According to Linda’s attorney, Linda been drinking champagne at a “jewelry function” in Los Angeles on an empty stomach, which was exacerbated by medication she was using. Linda’s blood alcohol level was 0.84.

Source: TMZ

  • Kingalbert

    Doesn’t matter wtf she blew, she blew over the limit and broke the law, guess hogan was correct about her being a drunk.

  • Tommy

    Read the news before posting it on the website morons…

  • Eve’s left nipple

    She must have been stressed looking after that child of a boyfriend she has.

  • Joe

    A BAC of .5 is fatal, .84 is just not possible.

  • bb

    hulk hogan: ha ha ha my ex wife busted for DUI .. dumb ass.

    well that life go on .. lol

  • Steve

    Her BAC was .084. Just another copy/paste fail by the retards that “write” for this site.

  • Max

    Hogan must think: good for you, karma and payback are a bitch


    10x the legal limit. Goddam

  • Rocky sucks

    @htlhitman booooooorring is what your wife says about ur performance in the bed lls

  • Rocky sucks

    Stop hating on hogan the bitch he smashed in the sex tape was super hot hrs so lucky to smash a sexy cougar like that so he retards give respect where respect is due

  • mtlhitman


  • @scooter

    so your saying you share and know why she did this cause she wanted to try an hurt her self and you WANTED to do the same but didn’t? so an old ladie has more of a backbone then you do.

  • scooter

    Can’t blame Linda I wanted to drive like an idiot and possibly cause myself serious bodily harm after watching Hogans sex tape too.