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Hunico Reportedly Not Suspended But Injured, Matt Hardy-ROH

– Matt Hardy wrote the following on Twitter about his Ring of Honor TV appearance this weekend:

“Had several people tweet me about my appearance on @ringofhonor TV this weekend. Looks like I’m gonna be bring some #MATTITUDE to ROH..”

– In an update on the earlier post about speculation regarding Hunico’s WWE status and if he has been suspended or not, there are rumblings that he is out of action with an injury. This is unconfirmed but word going around is that Hunico had surgery for a torn ACL recently. He may be out of the ring until early 2013.

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    We don’t want to see Fat Hardy wrestle in ROH please he should be someone should irish whip him onto a treadmill

  • roh is the best wrestling promotion ever i think its better than wwe or tna

  • Bob

    colt cabana wanted more money….matt wants anyway to make money that doesnt involve using his brain not to mention matts already been to the big leagues and they dont want him anymore

  • scooter

    I respect Matt for turning his life around recently but I do find it ridiculous that he’s in ROH and Colt Cabana is not…

  • SYM

    thinking Marc middleton masturbates to Matt hardy pics.

  • Bob

    on a side not….just noticed and it looks as if nick has an obsession with not being able to suck cenas dick….or maybe just cena in general

  • Bob

    i never really liked matt i always looked at him as the punching bag for his tag team while jeff took a breather….matt sure knows how to run his mouth though…i dont know why any wrestling company pays him anymore but i guess if ur willing to wrestle for 50 bucks u have a spot

  • ashterk

    Rly? Matitude? ROH doesn’t need some old tired wwe reject that was never seen as more of a midcarder and the guy his little brother had to carry with his alcohol abuse.

  • Bawb

    Regal could still be on to something. Don’t know how he got injured and it could’ve been through something “extra-curricular.”

  • 1919dpg

    R.I.P Roh Wrestling

    2002 – 2012

  • Nick

    probably injured when he refused to suck up to cena