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Hunico Returns to Action, Stephanie Hypes NXT Women’s Title, Wyatt, Bobby Eaton

– Wrestling legend Bobby Eaton’s condition has improved. He is still in the hospital and is set to have a pacemaker put in in two weeks.

– Bray Wyatt worked last night’s WWE live event in Glens Falls, New York. After a vignette aired, Wyatt defeated Zack Ryder.

– Also at last night’s show in Glens Falls, Hunico returned to the main roster. He issued an open challenge and lost to Ted DiBiase.

– Here is another photo of Stephanie McMahon and the NXT Women’s Title, from the recent NXT TV episode. Stephanie said NXT will continue the tradition of creating the next wave of women for a new generation with the creation of the title.

Stephanie and NXT Title

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  • Kristopher Robinson

    The “New Generation” of women wrestlers… Hahahaha rrriiggghhhhttt, because they’re doing so much with women wrestlers in the past 5-6 years lol

  • Kristopher Robinson

    He needs to quit and go to TNA

  • Shawn OB

    Ryder lost, big surprise there. He comes out on Raw and I easily predict who’s gonna win the 2 min boring ass match.

  • los322

    I’m hoping Hunico gets at least a US or IC title push, but that’s just me …
    Hunico >>> Sin Cara

  • Matt Trovato

    Ryder already jobbing to guys who aren’t even on the main roster yet. Poor guy.