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Husky Harris & Bo Rotunda Work WWE Live Events, Christian vs. Tatsu, Colt’s Birthday

– Colt Cabana turns 32 years old today while former WCW and WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Knobbs turns 48.

– Husky Harris was defeated by Zack Ryder at Friday night’s RAW live event in Huntsville, Alabama. Husky was performing under his new FCW gimmick – Bray Wyatt. Reports from fans in attendance noted that Husky looked to be in good shape and better than he was when we last saw him with Nexus.

– Husky’s brother Bo Rotunda worked the SmackDown live event in Asheville, NC this weekend. He defeated Drew McIntyre with a roll-up. This led to Drew losing his second match of the night – against The Great Khali.

– Christian also returned to the ring in Asheville, defeating Yoshi Tatsu. Christian continued talking about wanting “one more championship match” and worked as the heel.

  • Reverse prince albert

    Glad the slit eye lost. #Whaleanddolphineater

  • Maltese

    I agree with nick, if tyson kidd got given the chance, he could be a show stealer. His matches on superstars and nxt are/were A class matches. WWE needs to put him on the bigger stage.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I rather have him known as “Husky Harris” and have him team up with his brother to help out the tag team division

  • nick

    ^Of course he cant conntect with the crowd, when WWE doesnt give him the chance. He cant just go out and say what he wants.

  • DarrenL

    nick no ones denying kidds talent the fact is if he cant connect with the crowed and sell mechindise and tal on the mic then he wont get pushed. its about a lot more then in ring alone these days

  • nick

    ^And for those of you who are thinking of, or are going to thumbs down my comment, than you dont know the talent this kid has, just watch some of his matches before he came to the WWE, and even in the WWE, like Tyson Kidd vs Yoshi Tatsu, you’ll be able to see he has some real talent, and is fun to watch. Really, this kid is good, Im not even asking for a title run, but it would be awesome to see him go the the Intercontinatal champion ship and feud with Cody Rhodes.

  • nick

    Push Tyson Kidd #GethimonRAW