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Husky Possibly Returning to WWE TV, Praise for Shaul Guerrero in FCW, More

– WWE officials have been trying to crack down on footage from live events being published on YouTube.

– FCW Divas Champion and Queen of FCW Raquel Diaz (Shaul Marie Guerrero) has been praised for being versatile in being able to change characters and do promos off the top of her head, learn from her mistakes, take criticism well and having a great attitude. It was noted that several women have showed up to FCW for tryouts knowing nothing at all about wrestling so the ones who do know something are able to stand out.

– WWE officials have a new gimmick in mind for Husky Harris and he is on the radar to be brought back to the main roster. Husky has dropped from more than 300 pounds to 285 since we last saw him as a regular on WWE TV.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Boomer

    @will you do realize that YouTube is pretty much anonymous if you want it to be. i have videos up (non-wrestling) and my name is not even attached to them

  • CM Mark

    I saw Husky on FCW this week with his brother. He looked good, polished, and ready for prime time. I say bring him up and give him a us title run. Let’s see what he can do!

  • Dave

    Lol what kind of world are you living in Will that you think it’s ok for YouTube to just hand out people’s addresses because WWE says so?

  • Justin Sane

    Why are they so shocked at Diaz’s abilities? She’s Latino Heat’s seed!

  • Will Henderson

    i think they meant he once weight at 300 LBS but have lost 15 LBS since.

    also i can see Eddie and Vickie’s little girl becoming one of the top divas one of these days, after all, she’s the daughter of Latino Heat, the most famous and entertaining member of the iconic Guerrero family.

    and finally on the WWE cracking down on home video footage of WWE events of any kind on YouTube, why don’t they just ask YouTube for the names and home addresses of the users who posted it on YouTube, just so they can sue and give the the Cease and Desist letter, and if they don’t Cease, they can be sued for unauthorized filming and Copyright infringement

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    They worded it funny. They meant he weighed over 300 pounds, but now he’s down to 285.

  • lew

    @ frank i think u need to read it again

  • Frank

    ummm so judging from this Husky weighed 585 and dropped 300 to get to 285? I really wish someone would proof read this stuff before it gets posted.