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More Hype for Rock-Cena-Miz, MVP Comments on Partner’s Arrest, NXT Note

– As noted before, MVP’s original tag team partner for his New Japan debut was arrested over the weekend for stealing a taxi. MVP wrote the following on Twitter about NOSAWA and his troubles: “Best wishes to my man @NOSAWARONGAI187 ! He’s a good guy that allowed alcohol to influence him to make a bad decision. Ganbatte kudasai!”

– Besides pre-taped backstage segments, the WWE Pros were kept off last night’s episode of WWE NXT. WWE did air John Cena’s battle rap from RAW in it’s entirety on last night’s NXT show.

– WWE continues to feul the hype around The Rock, John Cena, The Miz and WrestleMania 27 with a new Twitter list they have set up at The list’s description reads like this: “Follow tweets between WWE Champion The Miz, John Cena & The Rock leading up to WrestleMania XXVII!”

  • RaTeD R

    i think the rock is great but i think it stupid him saying i will never leave you again, and then the following week on raw he is no where to be found lol

  • Matt

    can you even call it a battle rap if a) there’s only one guy there, and b) The Rock doesn’t rap? 😛

  • KitKrock


  • mj

    that was awesome!

  • GOKU

    Great Job Bro!!!
    You Really Speak The Truth, Not Like Cena!

  • Jimbo


    1,000,000 Internets to you, sir.

  • Stashathan

    of course Cena cant rap
    the man says he will never tap
    put me in the ring with cena
    i guarantee john, i will beatya
    im already a vet
    but not on a TV set
    im from the streets where you say your from
    you say the rock left what he said he loved
    what about you?
    all that street shit wasnt true
    19 yrz old but my heart stay cold
    sorry John, but your gimmick got hella old
    The Rock is the great one
    your the half made one
    you will never be legendary as your movie says
    this is the RUNDOWN of how Super Cena endz
    woah woah woah not done yet
    everybody place your bets
    becaus Rocky is aiming for Cenas head
    hol on let me try again
    go ahead Cena make your bed for the last time
    because The great one will smash you on your ryme
    you went from F-U to attitude adjustment
    but the attitude era needs no adjustin
    youve played the game and walked with the dead man
    but beat the rock…… i dont think you can
    you had some beef with barret
    but i saw you with that drink you two were sharin
    dont play with this attitude, “Champ”
    i can go for days cena just try to stop me
    what are you going to do when all wrestlemania is chanting,…. ROCKY


    I guess i can be a rapper to cause i say ryhmes real slow just like Cena. Cena= suck ass rapper.

  • JOE

    what rap battle?

  • mark

    Some hype, bet wont see the Rock again until Mania!!!!

  • JAck45***