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Idea Discussed for Flair In WWE, Laurinaitis Injured, Orton

– Randy Orton is scheduled to return to the live events schedule around November 1st but that could change depending on how filming goes on 12 Rounds: Reloaded.

– John Laurinaitis is currently injured which is why he hasn’t been working dark main events the past few weeks.

– Ric Flair and his wife Jacqueline Beems are currently going through a divorce. This would be Flair’s fourth. There has been talk of replacing Vickie Guerrero with Flair as Dolph Ziggler’s mouthpiece but there’s no word yet on how serious those talks are. Flair would be legally able to work for WWE on September 10th.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Eddie Money

    Pair up Flair with “Little ‘Naitch” Charles Robinson again

  • Logan

    Flair just stay single or only date, don’t get married again Naitch. Best of luck to ya.

  • Robinson

    That would be perfect

  • Big T

    Its a hard lesson to learn that when you meet women at bars you get bar women for girlfriends/wives. You would think an old man like Flair would learn his lesson.

  • Mmmmmmm idk about that flair has a tendancy to go in business for himself he may steal zigglers spotlight I say either keep vickie or just let dolph go solo he really doesn’t neeed a mouthpeice he’s fine on the mic

  • Nick

    Dont wait a single day WWE, September 10th, Make it happen. Vicki is great, let her help somebody else like Cody Rhodes

  • greenbeans

    My clue’s pointing towards the left

  • Will

    I’ve got a raging clue thinking about Flair and Ziggler as a team.