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Identity Of Another Aces & 8s Body Revealed, Viewership For Thanksgiving Impact

– Another body of Aces & 8s has been revealed: Garett Bischoff.

An eagle eyed viewer spotted pictures of both Bischoff and a member of the nefarious group sporting the same wrist tattoo.

Aces and 8s

Bischoff may not necessarily be revealed as a member of faction. TNA has been rotating some workers who won’t be part of the group into the beatdowns to make it harder to guess who is in it.

– Last Thursday’s Thanksgiving edition of Impact Wrestling averaged 1,353,000 over the course of two hours. This is down from 1,187,000 the week before, which drew a 1.07 cable rating. The final rating will be released later this week.

– Hulk Hogan is looking forward to Thursday’s live Impact Wrestling broadcast. He remarked Monday night, “Great night with the first lazy home night in a long time, really looking foward to IMPACT Thursday with the best talent in the business.” He then said this morning, “Woke up this morning hoping it was Thursday so I could be at work at IMPACT,it’s really weird when this business is really in your blood.”


  • cc

    @Seth, or it could be that Pena got his figures the wrong way round and didnt proof read.

  • adam

    I get that its going to be eric bichoff running the group. But didnt they just have a whole year of stories were garrett was going against eric and then eric said oh your not worthy of the name bichoff and all this other bs and now there teamed together. I am so tired of tna and wwe trying to act like there viewers don’t remeber past storylines.

  • diablo

    One of the big dudes is mike knots or so other sites

  • Seth

    This is pure speculation, but it could be down if the number was a smaller percentage of overall television viewers. That is to say the share rating number could have been smaller. The article doesn’t point that out though.

  • mtlhitman

    Eric Bischop-Devon-Wes Brisco-Luke Gallow-Garrett Bischop so where missing what 2 or 3 members are now left to discover.Good new version of the nwo/sons of anarchy with 2 veteran eric bischop and devon and few new prospect wrestler but to give them a credible view they need a star (angle-booby roode-james storm) help this faction grow up!.And if i was impact wrestling i would sign Cody Hall and one of Dibiase son’s’to join them nwo v.2

  • Bastion Booger

    Since when is 1,353,000 less than 1,187,000?

  • Bawb

    Well, whether or not you have a rotation, you kind of have to include him as an official guy now.

  • Sam Peters

    everyone already guessed this anyway, him and Brisco will both be parts of it, turning on Angle in the process