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Identity of “Harold” from Anger Management Revealed

The person who portrayed “Harold” on Raw during the Anger Management segments was PWG wrestler Scorpio Sky. Sky was scheduled for a WWE try-out during SummerSlam weekend in Los Angeles but didn’t show.

Sky portrayed Mason Andrews in TNA Wrestling last month and was offered a contract but was waiting would happen with WWE first.

  • Austin

    Then his ring name is gonna be Harold? The Crazy psycopath that escaped anger management?

  • Ann

    Thanks for this sharing.Professional Management Education

  • Bawb

    I’m confused, did they film this segment before or after he no-showed the tryout? Wouldn’t make sense if it was after…

  • barry horowitz

    thank god you’re here to tell us these things SYM. It’s a good thing you said this I would have assumed the guy became a star through hard work and perseverance but it’s obvious to me now that when this happens I can credit you being the one who discovered him and said he was going to be a star.

  • SYM

    Guy is gunna be a star, you heard it here first