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Identity of the Man in the Main Event of RAW Tonight

– The man who appeared on the apron tonight at the end of RAW to distract John Cena in his match with CM Punk was FCW Heavyweight Champion Mason Ryan.

Ryan appeared to be aligning himself with CM Punk until he laid Punk out with a big boot. Ryan then lifted up John Cena and laid him out with a big side slam.

Punk then got back in Ryan’s face and they had a staredown. Ryan bowed to one knee in front of Punk and raised his fist. Punk then put the Nexus armband on Ryan, welcoming him to the group.

No word yet if he will be using Mason Ryan on the RAW roster.

  • Danarchy

    CM Punk to win Rumble

  • adam

    knowning wwe they will prolly call him something like mason batista or batista ryan or batista II hopefully they dont but they most likely will. Espically with the hole story line of punk being mad at cena for forcing batista out. Punk will prolly cut a promo i got batista’s brother/son here and he is mad at you too cena.

  • Vinny

    I missed RAW last night but caught the end of it. I thought it was Batista at first lol

  • donners

    anyone else think this post is a bit pointless, considering it told you who it was at the end of the RAW report?

  • daniel

    when mason ryan was standing in the bro went crazy “Its Batista..hes finally back!!!! BaTISTA YA!!” idiot 😐

  • mark

    This Mason Ryan is one big mother !!! i hope its just the case that we see Nexus beat up Cena every week otherwise its going to get stale !!!!

  • Thestar

    The will probably make him Batista brother

  • SusyRko

    @in grind we trust . You stole my words

  • Chris

    I really hope they don’t mess this up and do something stupid like make him Mason Batista, son of Dave Batista, pissed of at Cena for ending daddy’s career

  • In Grind We Crust

    scared the shit out of me, I thought it was Batista at first! LOL!

  • Sam_Tha_Great

    That vice from CM Punk was tha shiznit, looks like WWE has Batistas replacement.

  • Zach V

    DRG he meant the name Mason Ryan

  • adam

    That was a awesome match and great to see mason ryan up on the main roster this is going to be huge. That version of hte anoconda vise punk had on cena was sick. This was big having mason join punk’s nexus I have a feeling shefield will join the smackdown nexus so each team has 5 men. Although on smackdown they already have zeke as the big enforcer guy so maybe tarver or young come back and join. But either way great this is going to be intresting now.


    Unless of course thats a typo, then yea drg you’re right. But I didn’t hear anybody mention his name at all tonight so he’ll probably be introduced as Mason Ryan or whoever next week. But I think he kind of solidifies CM Punk’s Nexus as a dominant group. Interested to see how this plays out. Oh and sorry to double post lol

  • elvisD

    CM PUNK is the man, He will bring this company to the top, his mic skills is second to none, his in ring ability is legendary, and the fact that he leads the nexus solidifies him as a leader that anyone that sides with him will see fame and fortune


    I’m surprised I’m defending Middleton but drg he meant that there is no word yet on his name for the main roster, as in if he will use Mason Ryan as his name. Not if he will be on the main roster.

  • drg

    not to be a hater but middleton, they have ryan lay out punk and cena then join punks group and bow down to him. Its not like theyre going to do all that and then not have him be on the mian roster. commmon sense.

  • CM Lopez

    I love this!!! Mason Ryan has all the potential in the world and he is part of the new Nexus….fawkin awesome! I’m leaning towards CM PUNK winning the Royal Rumble…but this is wishful thinking on my part.

  • CM Mark

    Wonders never cease. Cena actually looked like he could wrestle tonight. Punk is a miracle worker. Mason Ryan solidifies Punk’s Nexus as the REAL one. I can’t believe I am saying this but, nice job WWE!